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Friday, November 18, 2011

Garlic re-calculation

The garlic was beginning to yellow and dry a little.  Some were starting to flower.  It is a couple of weeks earlier than I expected to harvest...but harvest I did...and I harvested, and harvested and harvested!
I was so thrilled with the first few that I pulled, I whipped out the camera.
Then I kept harvesting...

Not a bad haul, hey?
However,  these were just the ones planted around about 
and not in the main garlic bed.

So I kept harvesting.


There were no humungous ones, 
but very few small ones either.
They were all about the size of these ones below...
sort of 'shop size'.

When I planted these, way back on the Autumn Equinox
on March 21st, I wrote a post entitled 'Garlic Maths'.

Out of the 150 cloves I planted, only four didn't prosper.
So here is my updated garlic maths:

146 bulbs x 7* cloves each = 1022 cloves of garlic.
*only an estimate...they may have more cloves.

That's a lot of garlic!


  1. Thanks Hazel, "prosper" was the crossword clue I needed.

    Great garlic, really great!

  2. WOW! That's AMAZING! I'll have to grow it next year!

  3. Hey, I have almost exactly the same amount of garlic as you, Hazel. Now I'm just letting it dry before attempting to braid it.

    Yours are still very green- I reckon they might have gotten a bit bigger if you'd left them in longer. Mine were just about dead, but some of the bulbs were quite small. You must have great soil for garlic growing!


  4. Wow that's some amount of garlic. There'll be no vampires around your place for a while!!!

  5. Very nicely done! I will be pleased if I get just a few bulbs from mine. I guess we'll see more garlic posts from you eventually. Like what you will do with it all.

  6. That's nearly enough garlic for one of our classic French chicken dishes! I bet it tastes good eaten "green".

  7. Wonderful harvest! We only planted 30 cloves in an old laundry tub, but we got about 20 decent sized bulbs, which is pretty good for Sydney! Happy days! :)

  8. I planted 4 garlic plants earlier in the year and pulled them up a week ago. One plant vanished but the other 3 did will. They're drying out in the garage now. (Must go and check on them.)
    I've got 2 more tiny garlic patches growing from cloves that my ex MIL gave me. Next year I should really get more serious about it.
    Your haul is fabulous!

  9. Wow, I harvested 30 all up and I thought I was pretty good. That is an amazing harvest. When they have dried out a bit more you can plait them and hang them up somewhere.

  10. My big plans for garlic went awry this year... don't know what happened, neglect really... but Wow! Holy aioli batman, that is awesome Hazel!

  11. Wow! That is fantastic. Looking at your plantings I realized I could have planted mine much closer together. I think I have failed again with garlic this year. I have pulled a couple up and they are soft and rotten.

  12. They look absolutely fabulous!!!! I planted mine in April and they aren't quite ready yet and as I write I'm listening to the rain and worrying that they may be rotting underground like veggiegobblers - some of my stalks were starting to look a bit soft at the base.

  13. Great harvest! There is just never enough garlic - how every many you plant. :)
    Mine are not ready yet, but I'm very much looking forward to our harvest. It's so rewarding - after all that time in the ground.
    Enjoy your garlic! :)

  14. Lovelerlee garlic...You and I planted on the same day,but then i replanted mine into new beds in May..i pulled 2 up the other day, I reacon I have another few weeks left yet,mid december i think,must remeber to count them up

  15. I have garlic envy! Mine aren't ready yet and are quite small. We harvested some from our school garden the other day and it was huge and purple. I want some like them next year.


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