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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The early bird...

gets the worm.
In this case, the early pumpkins....
started as seeds in the little greenhouse
and planted out 
are way ahead.
 These little fellas, were planted
in the garden as seeds once the soil warmed.

I have planted fewer pumpkins this year. 
But looking at photos of last year's harvest, maybe I will
poke a few more seeds in somewhere.
I am having a go at some watermelons and cantaloups too.


  1. Hazel, I love your old ladders in the garden as supports, I have a couple and may steal (borrow) your idea.....I just went and bought some tee pees from bunnings yesterday..I wish I had seen this post first!

  2. I need to get my pumpkins and melons in and I love the ladder idea too!

  3. Ah I'll be very interested to hear how your melons go. I don't know anyone who's grown them around here. None of the pumpkins I attempted from seed have been successful. They were eaten by snails overnight. So I took the cheats way and got some seedlings from Bunnings! They're still alive so maybe I'll have success this year. Please keep your pumpkin recipes up til then 'cos I've been resisting looking at them because I was so cranky about not getting any pumpkins from my enormous vine last summer.

  4. I too love your ladder ready to support the pumpkins! A good start to this growing season with no late frosts and most seedlings hurtling along, good luck with your rockmelons.

  5. The pumpkins in the Great Pumpkin Experiment are looking a little sad. I might have to plant some more or resign myself to the unhappy truth that I cannot grow pumpkins. Ever.

  6. Wow pumpkins already. You really are on the ball. Mind you here in QLD we have a lot more time for them to grow.

  7. we have lots of pumpkins in this year, our biggest go at them to date and your ladders oh my goodness gracious what an adorable idea

  8. I cheated this year, I got my seedlings from bunnings. I was overseas at the time I should of been putting the seedlings in and ofcourse I wasnt here to look after them. I grow watermellons once by accident. someone spat out the pips and they grew in the rosegarden. we got two very lovely watermellions and it was almost like winning the lottery.

  9. Now I've got pumpkin envy,we did melons last year, they're so exciting to watch grow.


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