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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Garlic maths

Yesterday, I planted my garlic cloves on the autumn equinox (well one day after) with a full moon (well one day after).  I am informed that these are perfect conditions (well one day after perfect) for wonderful garlic.  

I planted 150 cloves.

I used some of the larger bulbs from last year's harvest - twenty-one cloves.
The other cloves were from organic bulbs
I purchased at the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo.
Garlic Maths

1c + soil + compost + water + liquid fertilizer = 7c
150 c + soil + compost + water + liquid fertilizer = 1050c
1050c + Hazel = Bliss


  1. Thank goodness for the blog world that reminds me of when I'm supposed to plant my garlic. I won't fail this year. I will plant lots and lots of garlic and I won't dig it up too early. Good luck with your massive crop this year Hazel.

  2. I so agree with veggiegobbler - got to get garlic in.- thanks for the reminder

  3. Well there certainly won't be any vampires at your place this year Hazel!!
    According to the moon planting guide it was indeed the perfect time for below ground crops...

  4. Oh! Must get the garlic in...What would my garden be without you reminding me what to do and when to do it?

    I am loving your varying headers. Always something new and fresh,with a touch of fun, what more could we ask for at the beginning of a new day but to be lead up Hazel's garden path.

    Happy gardening day to you,


  5. gosh I just discovered your blog through a comment to another blog to another comment - oh you know the path.... I wish I could grow garlic here - but it gets too hot and humid in the tropics. 1350! I am jealous! I can grow ginger, galangal, tumeric and lemongrass so I will count my blessings rather than grieve the loss of garlic.

  6. Hazel, I love the blog and especially your pictures.
    150 cloves will surely present you with enough garlic for you and all your friends!

  7. Hazel, I was never much cop at Maths, but shouldn't you have pointed out that "c" in your equation meant "clove"? I was wondering what the temperature had to do with it all... And as a well-versed mathematician yourself I'm sure you deliberately included a picture of "Planck's Constant" as your header picture today...

  8. Hazel, I have nowhere to plant my garlic! My summer vegies are still producing but at least I have until the winter solstice to plant the garlic cloves that I have ordered from Diggers. Caesar

  9. Hi Hazel. I've just discovered your blog off Mark's veg plot, and i'm glad i have. It's a great read! :)
    Don't you just love garlic straight out of the garden??!? I am growing six varieties this year including Elephant garlic and i can't wait to start eating it! I am going to try platting it to store it this year aswell (might just end up with a tangled mess though)

  10. Thanks Hazel! Mine arrived from diggers today and I went to plant them in...but then the packet said April so I stopped! Will wait for it to rain and go squish a few in.

  11. You certainly will have more the enough garlic by those calculations even taking in the constant.
    I planted my garlic last year on winter's solstice and harvested just before Christmas or summer solstice. I might have a go at planting some now and then and see if there is a difference.

  12. I suppose it depends what type of garlic you have. However, if it is planted now, it has time to come up and get established before the Winter, when it continues to grow, but more slowly.

  13. Hey Hazel, love the hat! We too planted our garlic on the equinox, (and balanced eggs on their ends just for fun), not 150 though...more like 15...but thinking we will go and plant more now,
    jo and joe

  14. Ooo garlic you lucky bugger. I haven't got any in either, people keep on telling me that it doesn't grow well here. I don't know why I am listening now, I never do at other times.

    Is it too late now though? Should I put some in the fridge for a while? Oh I really have no idea, I think it's making me tired! Where's my pavlova gone, COOK!!

  15. 150 by 7 cloves is 1050.

  16. ...and your point is, Anonymous? You could always plant your garlic in a bath...if you had one. :-)

    Ali..go ahead and try, the 'experts' may be wrong, especially with the weather the way it is. The Cook says she will make you another pavlova...if only you will PLEASE come and collect your prize.

  17. I planted my garlic on Saturday. was I close to the equinox? Ah well, close enough. About 80 cloves I think . Looking at yours, maybe I should put some more in....


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