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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A face only a mother could love?

This post will not go down as a culinary highlight...
to be commented on for days.
The meal wouldn't get me a gig on Master Chef...
and I wouldn't serve it to guests.

Maybe it is a meal only the grower could love.

But I had to share it...cos it is a >90%  meal.
We haven't had many of those since autumn.
(The Great Goat Raids of the Winter of 2011.)

So here it is...
plain and simple and extremely green.

Silver beet and spinach, carrots,
broad bean, green garlic, mint, mash with and feta and olive oil
(ala Suburban Tomato - Liz's looked nicer but this one tasted fine)
and a lightly poached egg from Hortense.

Seven out of eight main ingredients...
I'm claiming that as more than ninety percent home produced.
May there be many more!


  1. No Hazel, it's not a meal that only the grower could love. I too love it - by proxy! It's so satisfying to eat your own produce, isn't it?

  2. I reckon it looks and sounds great - very colorful.

  3. Ill never forget how I felt when a 100% home grown meal was place before my family. I know in the scheme of things its not that big a deal but to me it was. I was so proud. You should be too, it looks fantastic.

  4. Pleas Ms Hazel may I come to "ordinary" dinner at your place? You've just named a bunch of my favourite ingredients and made a meal of them. I've done similar meals and, although they may not be "Masterchef", they certainly are Tastychef.

  5. yumbo.. carrots with butter devine, poached eggs are my all time favourite dish..if i only ever get to eat one meal for the reast of my life it would be poached eggs nummy

  6. I think a lot of Mummies would love that meal

  7. Hazel, when someone cooks for me - I eat it. With great pleasure. Your dinner looks fabulous, and I am so glad you introduced us all to your percentage meals!

  8. Wow, how exciting!! That must be so rewarding and satisfying. I can't wait to get there with our "future garden". I better get crackin'! LOL!


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