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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August Camellias

Number one
This one you have already seen...
but as it flowered in August,
it belongs here.

Number two

Number three

Number four

Number five
Number six
I have been hanging out for this one.
It is my favourite.  I photographed
this one on my hand so you can see
how large the bloom is.
You can just see my finger
at the top of the flower.

I love its pink ruffles.

Well, that is about all for camellias except a couple of more red ones and a white one.


  1. WOW what a selection of cammies!
    That first one is CRAZY!

  2. I just love them....they are so Dad loved them, his fav was a light pink ruffled, a bit more compact, called Debutante,...I still see it occasionally in someones garden and think of him.

  3. Very purty. My 8 year old is also obsessed with Michael Jackson. Weird.
    Now I know you've already been double nominated for the liebster award but now you've been triple nominated by me.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful camellias! I too love the pink ruffled one.
    Not a camellia to be seen here in AS but there are Sturts Desert Pea in flower on the road verge along the highway.

  5. That first one is kooky, love a camelia, so big and generous with their flowers. The wattle birds at our house are seriously keen on them.

  6. I have enjoyed the camellia this year, both the ones in the front garden and those I have seen here.

  7. lovely selection :)
    everything seems to be yellow in late Winter, so camellias make such a change.

  8. Glorious Camellias, lovely! I'll have to wait a few more months to get my fix here :)

  9. What beautiful flowers - so so cheerful!

  10. Loved your camellia show - I just had to go snap from our garden too.

    Love Leanne


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