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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The Outdoor Kitchen is as finished as it is going to be for a while.  
I can spare no more time hammering and bashing...I have run out of fingers to hit.

Spring is nigh and the garden needs my attention.

 The sink still needs to be and out. 
I want to put a cupboard under the bench 
on the left to cover the plumbing.  
Landscaping will have to wait.

A question from a reader (you know who you are Mark) 
asked how I intended to cook in the ODK.
Well, I suppose, I am not planning to cook 
much more than barbecues out there...
at least until I get round to building the pizza oven.

The sink will be fabulous for washing veggies from the garden 
and there are even two brushes and a colander
already in residence for this purpose.  I

 will store the pumpkins and garlic out there.

The bench will be used as a servery 
for salads and side dishes when dining al fresco.

So I have been wondering what I have actually built.
I enjoy looking at it and it makes an interesting focal point from the lounge.
The grape vine will add to it's visual attraction. the ODK a folly?

Wikipedia defines a garden folly as

building constructed primarily for decoration, 
but either suggesting by its appearance some other purpose,
 or merely so extravagant that it transcends
 the normal range of garden ornaments 
or other class of building to which it belongs.

 There is only one real rule - 
true follies are unconscious creations, 
and the real folly builder will deny that
 what he or she has created could possibly be a folly. 
You cannot build one deliberately. 
Only other people can bestow the 
title of Folly on your monstrous erection.

Well according to the second definition,
I cannot say what I have built...
only others (you) can so...

Is my monstrous erection
a folly?


  1. I could get myself in serious trouble answering questions about monstrous erections....what fabulous wording...anyhow, I love your outdoor kitchen and even if it was just a folly, just to look at, it still remains fabulous in my you know, I have 'the bench', it is just to look at....and look at ...and look at...and I would never tire of looking at it...and I dont think you will tire of looking at your ODK either, sorry, I mean your monstrous erection. I bet you cant wait to get in there and wash some veg.

  2. True wealth is time for art, exploration, poetry, discovery, science, beauty, play, creation - ie, folly.

  3. I have an outdoor bathtub, so you ODK sounds wonderful to me. I would love to have one.

  4. What are you talking about... it's GORGEOUS! I loooove it.

  5. Looks great! You have done a fantastic job of putting it all together....the nick nacks fit in perfectly. In no time it will look like it has been there for years.

  6. You built it did you? I think I may have missed my calling......

  7. The ODK is a beautiful work. Congrats!
    I can not believe you have done such a great job it looks complete and the furnishing are fabulous. You sure have an eye for detail.

  8. If it is a folly it is a perfect one!!!

  9. It is bloody fantastic, is what it is!! Wow. I am amazed... it could have come straight out of a glossy magazine, OK, well, more like from a rustic coffee table book, but again, wow, I think it looks amazing and bet you will have such fun in your folly!

  10. Who cares if it is a folly or not! Its functional, it looks bloody terrific and it’s reusing up old bits and pieces instead of them going to landfill! I want one!

  11. Er, well, Yes: according to those definitions, a kitchen without a water supply or any means of cooking must be considered a folly. But if you LIKE it, then it's just fine!
    P.S. What about security? Will all your lovely utensils etc get nicked?

  12. Hazel you have done a fantastic job - ODK it is but I would like to refer to it as Hazel's Folly. You have dressed it perfectly with all those found and "inherited objects" that put a smile on my face.

  13. It's anything but monstrous, it's beautiful! I love everything, all the Knick knacks. I especially like the polyanthus planted around the front. Great work.

  14. well I guess then you would have to ask what is a have all the elements of a kitchen..a sink,a bench,an oven,a place to sit and eat and its all outdoors so thats an outdoor kitchen..well done its gorg

  15. If ODK be the food of folly, chew on.

  16. Looks wonderful whether it be a folly or otherwise......

    Love the little garden beds at the front and all the bits and pieces you have added.

    Gorgeous header pic too......

    Claire :}

  17. I love your outdoor kitchen....get some more fingers to hit and finish it. I admire anyone who builds anything.

  18. I don't think it matters what you do with your Outdoor Kitchen, whether it's folly or functional, it's just beautiful Hazel, you have done such a fantastic Job!!

  19. Love, love, LOVE this ODK of yours, folly or not - monstrous erection or not! You have done an amazing job and should be so very proud of yourself.

    Maybe call it an ODServery until the plumbing is sorted, that is if you're a tad folly-concious?

  20. I love your ODK Hazel, looks fab and 'warm' like most kitchens should be :)

    It's neither a montrous erection nor a folly ;)

  21. Folly, maybe, but funky too and functional :) And it will have grapes, whcih is useful, surely?

    And I know you're not doing a final Winter Wednesday, but I whipped one up for you anyway :P

  22. It looks as thought we don't care either way, we all love it. I would say though that if the cook was calling you from afar saying where are you Hazel saying in the folly might be easier than in the out door kitchen....

  23. Aside from the inappropriate comments that come to mind, the ODK looks lovely.

  24. When you are done, come here and build one for me !

    That is the most wonderful outdoor kitchen I've ever seen :)

    If it IS folly then I'm up for that, I can't think of a more sensible arrangement that meets the criteria of wonderful to the eye, artistic and practical.

  25. Unexpected and quirky are my ideas of what constitutes a folly--your odk meets both of my designations. I love your folly. So, to this American, you have a Fine Folly.


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