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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kitchen dreams

My dream of the outdoor kitchen is moving a little closer.
My Great Nephew has agreed to lend his muscle
and some tools to the project in return for
looking after his dog.

All I have to do is have a clear idea of what I want
and gather some materials... by Saturday.

With that in mind, I hooked up the trailer 
and headed back to that second hand yard
I was so in love with.

But there was a different man there today and
the prices he quoted for some of the things were
much higher than I was given earlier.
The window I wanted had gone from $90 to $150!
It was the exact same window... not just a similar one.

I just said,  'No, thank you',  and left.
On the way home we stopped at an old property
I have been eyeing off and went fossicking.

I don't know if the box below will be part of the kitchen,
or just a raised garden bed nearby.  I love the chewed ends!

The tin on these little doors is flattened out drums.
If I use them...I will be recycling the recycled!
I am thinking they may make suitable cupboard
doors...but I will have to go back with a big

Other people have been in and taken
lots of materials ... probably for firewood.

The land is for sale and about to be swallowed
by the encroaching suburban sprawl
in one of the fastest growing corridors
around Melbourne.

These structures will be bulldozed and burned.
I am glad I can reuse some bits and pieces.


  1. Very exciting. Can't wait to see your progress.

  2. How very clever of you. I would of told the man the prices I was quoted by the other guy. What a rip off he is.
    cant wait to see the finished kitchen.

  3. Oh, I so want an outdoor kitchen. It's on the list but reading about you getting one so soon. Totally jealous. lol.

    And it probably helps to have some idea of what you want...I keep changing my mind so looking forward to seeing how yours will work out.


  4. We had a new woman at our tip shop last week and her prices were sky high too! Extremely frustrating.

    Very exciting about the offer of help for your outdoor kitchen..looks like you are well on the way to being organised by the weekend! :)

  5. What fun...Recycling to the max there good job.

  6. That box is amazing if you decide you don't want it I have a perfect spot for it. Is there any rusty tin for a fence like mine? Thanks for popping in for a visit my way, that old building always draws the eye and I'm glad I finally photographed it. Good luck with the kitchen.

  7. Hazel, get in there!!! Take your tools and the trailer...there looks to be some fabulous stuff in there, the corrogated rusty iron sheets are always handy...and the wood posts? Cant wait to see your kitchen come together...

  8. I like a woman who gets things done! Good luck with bringing it all together!

  9. (Oh, yes, and could you haggle down the price on the window? Maybe the 'new' fella was setting them higher 'cause he likes a good haggling??!! Or maybe go back another time & see if the original guy is there again... call & see if you can find out when he will be there!)

  10. Go for it Hazel! There's a lot of potential there. Good luck, it will be worth it in the end.

  11. Good luck! It looks like there's a lot to choose from there.

  12. That abandoned property looks liek a treasure trove, Just the beams alone.....

  13. Can I come with you next time you go!?!?!?!

  14. On the "ageing is beautiful" theme... Jane won a handbag this week in a competition. It is artificially aged - "distressed" I think is the correct word. It looks hideous. Why not just get a genuinely old handbag?

  15. An outdoor kitchen is a MUST and your sketch looks fan-bloomin'-tactic. Lucky you. I can't wait till mine is done as well as I love to cook plum sauce and it's way to sticky to do inside the house.

  16. thelittleblackcowblogJuly 7, 2011 at 6:42 PM

    Can't wait to see the results,I love outdoor kitchens. Also love rusty tin... there is just something special about it , it almost becomes part of the landscape.

  17. ha ha suzanne when i seen the roofing sheets I was like OMG you gotta get that..I can hardly wait to see your kitchen come together hazel its really exciting and I'm hoping for some inspiration

  18. ooohh sorry about chat tonight,my computer froze on me and when i went back in you where gone

  19. That's great news Hazel! Looking forward to the progress of the built. Those recycled materials will look great!

  20. Have fun building your kitchen. How are the cats going to cope with a dog around the house?

  21. The kitchen sounds exciting!! I want an outdoor oven but my darling husband is against building it. He doesn't see the purpose. Party pooper!


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