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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Winter Wednesday # 6

Warning...this post contains inferred nudity
which may shock and offend some readers.

One of the joys of Winter for me is
lovely, long, luxurious, steaming baths.

Baths are a bit like food...delicious anytime
but are best enjoyed in Winter...

on a cold night with a Bailey's Irish Cream and flickering candles...

on a frosty morning...

or a Saturday afternoon listening to the footy on the radio...

or after a bout of gardening to soak away the aches and pains.

You know, those ones that aren't really about
personal hygiene
but all about escapism.

Core warming, 
fat melting,
bone baking, 
finger wrinkling,
long baths.... an old fashioned, deep cast iron bath with an unlimited supply of very hot water.  

Baths where you lay in the bath until it gets a bit cool and then you add the perfect amount of hot water...just enough to pink up the body but not enough to turn you into a lobster.



  1. I like lots of bubbles in my bath. Candles and ipod are also essentials. I wish we had a big bath too, but we've only got a smallish one - good thing I'm short.

  2. Hazel - that bath just looks so tempting. We lost our bath when we renovated the bathroom. Should it now be called a showeroom?

    Thanks for the nudity warning, I must say I was shocked by those toes - never seen any quite like that before! cheers Wendy

    btw - thanks for the link. I now realise that the clothesline does look unusually & spectacularly uncluttered lol.

  3. That is the best thing about winter - is the chance to have warming baths. I also like lots of bubbles.

  4. Ohh you are totally right! Nothing better than a hot bath! Especially if dinner is in the oven and all you need to do is eat when you get out! oh bliss!
    OR before bed to relax the soul...

    It's Winter Wednesday at my place today too!

  5. Aaaah yes. I thought everyone had exhausted the good things about winter but you're right. A hot bath after a cold day is definitely a fantastic winter pleasure. I've never thought of having a baileys at the same time but that's not a bad idea too.

  6. Thank you for the nudity warning otherwise I may have been shocked.

    Lucky lucky you! We have no bath. I know it's crazy but when we extended for the oldies bathrooms got smaller so baths went. I'd like to enjoy yours vicariously if I may. Oh dear, that doesn't sound right does it. Enjoy!

    Thanks for including my link.

  7. Hello Hazel
    Only recently 'found' your blog and am enoying reading past posts.
    I'm playing along with Winter Wednesdays for the first time today - do come over and see what I enjoy when its not cold and miserable
    Take care
    ps Love your idea of a bath - it fits in very nicely with mine lol

  8. A bath...I dream of a children do not know what a bath is. They have all grown up with a really large plastic bowl/tub in the shower water wise, but not much fun...once you get to Big M size! So very impressed with your steamy hot tub there Hazel, very impressed...linking up at my house with some more hail eating!

  9. You are so right hazel a long hot bath is up there, the way to chill, i jumped in with the kid's last night then had the hubby take them out just so i could forget the day!
    Any way i was warm to the sole this morning link up & see why.

  10. Love my baths, we have a corner spa so to feel less guilty about the water, hubby and I share it together. Even better when there are two!

  11. OOOhh I love a nice long hot bath and in summer a nice cool one while eating watemelon..sharing my winter wednesday here

  12. We finally can enjoy same bath in winter as usually during warm season the bath is full with recycle water. Definitely Bliss....

  13. Oh yes... I'm enjoying your lovely hot soak by proxy. Our little cottage doesn't have a bath, just a shower. On these chilly days we miss it! So, thank you :D)

  14. Oh to have a big bath, as with others ours is rather too small to really relax in. But perhaps I should be thankful to have one at all by the sounds of it. Sounds like you enjoyed every minute of your soak Hazel.

    Here's my winter musings for this week

  15. Thanks for checking out Winter Wednesdays...for the comments and the links.

    And dear Veggiegobbler...I have plenty of winter joy left. I have about five more posts in my mind and I am sure enough things will come up to fill up the rest of the Season!

  16. First Mark and his vegetable porn, and now Hazel and her steamed up bathroom and naked limbs... I go away for five minutes and the whole community decides to get it on!

    Stop having fun without me!

  17. My Winter Wednesday is candles this week - fits in well with the bath idea!

  18. Oh Hazel a steamy hot bath is certainly at the top of the list of winter pleasures. Just add a glass of wine and a newspaper or magazine! I quite often end up with pink bath water and soggy magazines or wrapped in a wet newspaper! Hew

  19. Those are the smallest feet I've ever seen! (Mine are huge)

  20. A long, hot bath after a day's bushwalking and a beer or red wine does it for me. Mmm... that reminds me, I must remove that bottle from the bathroom...

  21. Dear Anonymous...have you noticed that I no longer lend you books? I was sick of getting them back all warped from being dropped in your bath! Do you remember being kids and having to all use the bath water? I always had to go last ....

    Kelli, thanks for the compliment about my small feet. However, you have to take perspective into account. They aren't quite as small as they appear.... lucky you cannot see the huge load they have to carry around!

  22. I am slow this week, Hazel! But still Wednesday for another 27 minutes over here so here's mine for the week:

    You look very comfortable in that bath, and so does your lovely curled up cat in the banner.

  23. Our bathroom is lacking a bathtub at the moment. It's just a shower and a handbasin. It's been more than three years since I last had a long soak in a tub! Needless to say, this post has made me very envious. ;)


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