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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The project...

Some of you made great guesses and although wrong on this occasion have given me food for thought. A couple of you were absolutely right...or close enough.

It will be a rustic outdoor kitchen.

This is just the artist's impression and isn't to scale.

We went out with a tape and measured up and this one is to scale.

I have toyed with all sorts of ideas from a pergola attached to the house, a free standing pergola with the kitchen attached but all of these block the view from inside of the ridge and the trees beyond our property.  The pergola on the front of the kitchen will offer The Cook a bit of shade if it is hot.  An umbrella makes a lot of sense because it is adjustable.  If it is a hot day we will all be down in the creek anyway.  Those stepping stones lead to the table and chairs under a tree...shady in there.

At this stage, the ground will be granitic sand/gravel.  When we are rich one day we can pave it.
The kitchen will come soon, but the pizza oven is a project for later.

We paid a visit to a fabulous second hand building supply yard yesterday.  All those goodies just waiting for someone to come by and see their beauty under the dust and cobwebs.  This little lovely, or one just like it will be going into this project.

There were wonderful doors, skirting boards, wood of all kinds, kitchen and laundry troughs, toilets, basins.

Check out these wonderful pastel pedestal basins.  I am having one of those...for another project I have in, I think.  I wish we had thought through our bathroom refurbishment a bit better now.  *sigh*


  1. How wonderful. Can't wait to see it.

  2. Oh yummy!!!! I want one!!! I see you've been working the room for ideas again Hazel, you retired teachers just can't stop!Love the basins too.

  3. That looks fantastic Hazel! Great drawings! I cant wait to see how you go about building it!

    Please can you tell me where the building supply yard is!?!?! Pretty please with crabapples on top!

  4. Fabulous Idea! You can have so much fun making this...and what a great place to hang out...Hope you invite us all over for Pizza one day! Can't wait to see the finished product.

  5. Ahhh, that is what you meant about the old wood and corrugated iron...great idea Hazel. An outside kitchen will be great. I would love to have an old potting shed with a sink and bench in it so I can spend hours in it. Can't wait to see what it looks like.

  6. That's it....I am chaining it to the garden shed....just in case you do find out where I live!
    How's that junk yard...what great pieces you could bring home from there...the windows...oh, I love old windows...

    Cant wait to see your outdoor kitchen evolve...sounds husband dreams of a wood oven down the back..I hope we can have one one day....
    Happy planning...

  7. Ooooo I love it! I adore an outdoor kitchen, and this looks just fabulous Hazel! How blooming exciting, and what a great lifestyle you are setting yourselves up with.

    Oh I am so envious... and now that I know where you live, I might just come pinch yours :D

    oh, and I have Suzanne's address too! I can pinch everything!!!

  8. Not if I get there first Ali. Dam! don't have either address. This is very inspiring, Enchanted Moments you may have started something here. Love the photo of the coloured basins, it's worth framing.

  9. OK, so my fishpond idea was TOTALLY wrong then - fortunately.
    I love the idea of an outdoor kitchen, but I'd need the right weather to go with it. Here in the UK it would probably get used about three times each year!

    The pics of the stuff in the "junk-yard" made me think "some of those old windows would be good for making a new coldframe."

  10. That's a brilliant idea. So much good recycled stuff around too - that window will really suit.
    Like the pastel pedestal basins. A great find.
    We lived at a caravan park once and they had a communal pizza oven. Wow, the things that were cooked in that, in addition to pizzas, is amazing.
    It'll be really interesting following your progress on this project.

  11. Love that blue basin. Look forward to seeing your outdoor kitchen take shape.

  12. Fabulous I am SOOO excited that it is an outdoor kitchen because we have the fisrt posts in for ours and have not gotten any further and I can show the hubs yours and say look hun theirs is purdy can we keep going on ours.LOLOL..I am hanging for a pizza/bread oven... So I am excited to be able to watch as yours comes along

  13. Awesome idea! Looking forward to pics!

  14. An exciting project! Wow, quite a bit of work but will be well worth it. Don't you just love the junk yard! Those pastel pedestals are fab.

  15. Wow! Your plans are very inspiring.

    Just stumbled upon your blog and thoroughly enjoyed reading.

    Our goals and aspirations have a lot in common.


  16. Welcome to Martin!

    I will have to have a 'kitchen warming' when it is finished and invite you all.

    Mark, I didn't photograph it, but I saw a shower screen door that would make a perfect top for a cold frame...hinged and every thing...all you would need would be the box. I was even thinking about a little green house made from glass shower screens.

    Phoebe...the yard is in Albert Road Preston...turn left off Bell street coming from your place and it is along on the left side of the road. Not sure of the number. But don't pinch my window, blue pedestal basin or the washing machine tub...I want that to grow tatties in.

  17. Hi Hazel, wonderful project, those old timbers and doors look more rustic and attractive than any shiny new expensive ones. Look forward to following the inspirational journey ... cheers, catmint

  18. What a cool project. Can not wait to see the final results. What fun.

  19. Oh wow, what else can I say but I love the idea!!! The garden makes a great extension of ones living space, and put a kitchen in it too and it becomes very homely.

    Looking forward to the progress! It's many notches than just having a BBQ in the garden :D

  20. Oh Yuk those coloured hand basins. I had a yellow one and could not get rid of it fast enough. The yellow bath tub went with it. Keep up the good work on all the rest of the kitchen.


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