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Thursday, March 29, 2012


I ventured into the Big Smoke yesterday to go to 
the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.  

Set out under the established trees in one of the city's oldest gardens...
it was a delight to wander about on, a rather uncrowded, opening day. 

Of course there were flowers.

There were the usual displays of collectors' items.

Even a whole orchard on one tree!
My sister and I found that a bit disturbing.

Then there were the show gardens proving
just how much you can squeeze into a small space.

This one turned my head.  I have been planning
how to put an outdoor shower in the garden
and this gave me a few ideas.

The 'plug hole' effect was clever.

This one had a natural pool.  
No chlorine or other chemicals required.
The water is cleaned using natural systems 
such as gravel and reed beds.

A young girl designed this 'children's garden' based
on Alice in Wonderland.

These chairs had everyone chuckling.
But I would want one personally fitted please...
just to make sure it could accommodate me.

A major theme of the show gardens was recycling.
This colourful one sported a seat made from
reclaimed boat timbers.

Inviting...those are steps in the middle,
leading up to a small deck.

An interesting use for old wooden pallets.

I was getting a little tired by this stage..
but I refrained from doing the obvious.

And again, on a smaller scale.

...and again...on a larger, quilted, scale.

This was my favourite garden.
I think it was a student entry and it didn't
win a prize...but it should have.
Ingenious use of rubbish
and salvaged items.

The retaining wall is made of old pavers, broken concrete, 
odd stones, and bricks.

From another angle. 

 When I really got tired 
I found a seat and listened to my mate, 
Don Burke.

I travelled by coach into the city and home again...
to keep my carbon emissions down.


  1. Oh Hazel, thanks for sharing pics! I LOVE the old bed frame painted up and housing a really raised garden bed! There really is a recycle/reuse/repurpose theme going on with that entry, which is fantastic.

    I hold no hope of my garden ever looking that brilliant.

  2. Another gorgeous garden show, thanks for sharing this Hazel! I never get tired of looking at photos of garden shows from all over the world, so many ideas to pick up! or simply just to marvel at other people's creativity :)

  3. I had a lovely day Hazel and the visit to the GS has reminded that the drought is well and truly over! I have plans to brighten up new areas in my garden using recycled containers and that old bath! HDW

  4. Gorgeous photos, those flowers are so vibrant!

  5. Looks like the Australian version of the Chelsea Flower Show, with all those show gardens made up for just a few days. Do they have a big sell-off of the plants at the end, like at Chelsea?

  6. Fantastic photos. Some very vibrant flowers!

  7. totally jealous wish it wasn't so far to travel to..takes us 31/2 hours to get to melbourne....i seen a bit on better homes and gardens and they had this garden that used all the downpipe water..i really want to see that i would love a big pond here..and the BHG garden by jason hodges looked good too

  8. Your favourite is mine too. I went yesterday for a quick visit with a friend... But I'm thinking of going again by myself for a longer look!!

  9. Thank you for sharing, looks fabulous


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