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Friday, March 30, 2012

Colour co-ordination in kitchen design

When designing your kitchen 
attention to colour is important.
By changing your accessories
you can make a big difference 
even in an old drab kitchen.

Tea-towels, hand towels, decorative bowls, 
and eggs of the correct hue can make a real splash
to your design!

You guessed it, the Lavender Araucanas
have begun to lay.
They are little eggs because the girls
are young and quite a small breed anyway.


Aren't they divine?
They look like birds' eggs.
(Yes, I get it, chooks ARE birds...
but you know what I mean!)


  1. We used to have araucanas and loved their blue green eggs. However, Esmerelda and Consuela (yes, highly original names LOL!) did not wish to associate with their Pekin Bantam brethren. We also had a Diego the rooster, who was completely intolerant of everything, including us. So he met a very timely end and the two girls were rehomed with a friend.

    I miss their coloured eggs.

    One day we may try again as we now have the blue kitchen!

  2. A different take on eggshell white (or should that be eggshell grey?). Very contemporary shade!

  3. They are beautiful little bird eggs...yes

  4. What perfectly timed easter treats Hazel! My Frida is yet to oblige. I think she is a nutter and never will...

  5. Oh. They are beautiful. I'm tempted to get a couple myself.


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