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I ran away from teaching to the country to grow veggies. There are also some chooks and a pair of troublesome goats who were so much trouble they had to go! My simple green life isn't always as simple or as green as I'd like...but I keep trying!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Ah, Autumn is here.  
The daylight hours are shrinking.
Daylight savings finishes on the weekend.

As a season, I think autumn is my favourite.

However, despite my 'Winter Wednesday' ravings last winter 
about all the good things about the season...I don't really like the cold.

So here I am...quivering with ambivalence.

The first of the leaves are beginning to turn.
Well, they are pretty
and they will be added to the compost.
That's good.

Because I did so much work on the magazine
last week, the Cook Editor was shamed into helping
prepare for some more winter plantings in the veggie garden.
That was AMAZING...and good.
The moaning that accompanied the digging?
Not so good.

It's a jungle, out there.
Summer veggies are still rampant.
C'mon guys, you've had your chance!
Enough already!

Some are showing signs of slowing down.

Foraging in the veggie jungle
for dinner and coming in with six different veggies.
That is BETTER than excellent!

A delicious vegetarian meal.
Some little quiches,left over from last night 
(albiet a little singed on reheating)...

with a plate of roasted veggies is blissful.
Count those, ladies and gentlemen...
eight different, home grown veggies and quiche, golden
with our own googies from the girls.  
The cheat puff pastry from the freezer, a bit of cheese 
and a dollop of sour cream means this isn't a 
100% meal...but close enough to make
this gardener salivate and celebrate.

The first fire of the season always feels like a celebration too.
The short period of time it takes for the animals
to stake their claim in front of it always makes us laugh.
Laughing is always good.

But really, Claude, I could live without having to watch
you warming your rude bits 
and doing your ablutions in the lounge!


  1. It takes awhile to adjust to the changing season but autumn is a pretty one. Like you, not too keen on the cold. Those veggies looks so yummy, and even the quiche!

  2. OOhhh! You've got your fire on. One of the nice things about winter. cookie.

  3. i love autumn's my favourite season..and this year i'm looking forward to saddened me to watch my north facing vegetable garden fry on the hot windy days..i'm working on moving the vegetable patch to a less harsh aspect of the garden so hopefully next summer will be easier..

    congratulations on growing all those vegetables..i've never had a meal with as much of my own produce as you but nevertheless it makes me happy when i look at a meal i've made and i can say 'i grew that'..

  4. Autumn is my favorite season. So nice to see your collection of veggies. I am ready to start planting as we are moving into spring.

  5. we had our first fire of the season on friday night ..Your veges dinner looks nummy

  6. Can't believe its going into Autumn already! The quiche looks delicious.

  7. My turn to gloat? Our Spring is getting off to a good start (if you're not worried about droughts). I'm looking forward to being able to harvest as much as you have...


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