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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Granny camp 3 minus 2

Granny Camp number 3
has just finished.
We were one Granny and one Grandchild down.
It was still lots of fun...but just not the same.

First off...the mandatory walk along the creek track.

There was creek fun on day one.

Some people love to pose for photos.

The burning off amnesty
allowed for a bonfire...
and marshmallows.
Though the fire was a bit hot for comfort.

After a dinner of locally grown roast beef
and veggies from the garden
we set about finding out what is inside
a radio, 

and a digital camera.

All the keys were popped off an old keyboard.
Putting them back, in the right places,  filled some time.

Two of the campers showed amazing persistence, 
completely dismantling a digital camera
and oohing and aahing over its insides.

Bath, then bedtime books on the huge communal bed 
made from couch cushions and mattress.

And then perchance to dream.

Fire proved a draw card again, on Day Two.
Three little campfires were built and lit.
Keeping them alight kept four small persons very busy.

Although, there was time to sit and admire your fire.

...and time for morning tea too.

Back to the creek to conquer the rope swing
...and your nerves.

 Spectators were welcome.

We all made pasties from the veggies left over
from last night's roast.
It was voted the 'Best Meal'. 

A dance party filled the evening before we fell into bed.

On the last morning we walked to the general store
and had morning tea.  It was longer than we thought
and one granny stepped on a harm done 
to the granny or the snake.

Somethings, just cannot be classified. 


  1. I take it the last child takes after you Hazel? ;)

    What a fun time!

  2. LOL Rose! Looks like a kid's paradise. Lots of play based learning going on, how terrific!

  3. Nice photo's... :)

  4. Well Rose, he may be my Grandson...but I am with holding confirmation in case it incriminates me. :-D

  5. Hilarious....what great fun at your house...and nice bunny jarmies too, I just got some tonight for middle many memories are those kids going to have of their cool grannies....and what is it with boys and their undies...?

  6. The Granny Camp gets better each year, it would seem!

  7. Thanks Granny Hazel and Granny Ma!
    Our little ones are so so sooooooo lucky to have you.
    Granny camp is a wonderful experience and a priceless tradition!

  8. Another great granny camp - Isn't being a Grandma just the best fun! I bet the kids loved investigating the insides of the radio and camera too.

  9. Wonderful to see and read that everyone had a fantastic time at Granny Camp! Good to see that no-one fell into the creek or were those photos omitted?! Also glad the snake experience ended well for all concerned. 'Tis the stuff of the fondest memories that will last forever. cookie : )

  10. Looks like they had a great time. The roasting marshmellows made me laugh, next time they need longer sticks!


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