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Monday, March 26, 2012


It's a good sign when the commercial producers
up on the mountain, where it gets very cold, plant their 
paddocks with another lot of brassica seedlings.
It makes this gardener hopeful.

In the distance you can see an older crop.
I wish I had seen the tractor planting these.

However, I do wonder about the amount of derris dust, 
or other insecticide the farmer will need 
to keep these babies pristine.

My own brassicas (second sowing) are doing just fine.
What a cute little cauliflower!

Regular readers will know that I protect my brassica
from the dreaded white butterfly
(and its voracious green caterpillar)
by throwing a net over the garden.

 This one is one of those decorative mosquito nets
for hanging over a bed.  
I picked it up at the tip shop for $2.  
Fine net curtaining does just as well.  

Although, I did have to de-caterpillar these plants...once.
I bought them as seedlings and 
they came complete with complimentary butterfly eggs.

Like all leafy vegetables, brassicas grow fast 
and are hungry devils.  
So make sure you prepare the bed well with
compost/well rotted manure/blood and bone.
They also like a bit of lime worked in.
Keep up the seaweed extract or fish emulsion
while they are growing.


  1. I had to dust a half hour after I planted mine last week. The moths I swear, smelt them...and came almost instantly.
    I am dusting every second day as I just cant afford to go replanting them again if they all get chewed...

  2. Ahhhh my zucchinis won't die so I can't plant yet! Have seeds stuck indoors.

  3. Hi Hazel, your mixed garden on a small scale is so much better for the environment than that huge field of monoculture that, as you say, will need fertilizer and pesticides. That's why farmers are struggling to make a living but chemical companies are booming. Oh well, I don't really have an answer to the world's problems, and we are all preaching to the converted anyway. I guess I do my little bit by getting organic fruit and veg delivered from Aussie Farmers Direct. cheers, cm

  4. I am so late getting my brassicas in! In my defence I have been ill for three weeks and there is just no crystal ball for these things. I have noticed the butterfly numbers have dropped in the last couple of weeks so I am thinking this is a good sign anyway with the planting. I run around the yard like a mad thing with my butterfly net to reduce numbers but they are so smart and swiftly catch on to the predator in the area. Chooks love's a special bonding time for all of us even if I do look a little derranged.

  5. My brassicas outgrew their curtains and as I was removing them a white butterfly zoomed in. Hopefully the 5 degree mornings will kill off the eggs!
    I have very tasty broccoli - thanks Hazel for the plants. HDW

  6. Must get some netting this year. I have been looking in the op shops but no luck yet -although I did get a sofa bed which will be very handy when the interstate visitors arrive in a couple of weeks. The moths are having very big parties at my place.

  7. I love your little cauliflower. I have been unable to grow brassicas here - we don't get the cold they need.


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