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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lazy Housewives

Oh, Lovely Lazy Housewife,
You hide upon the vine.
I lift and poke and search about
Until you are truly mine.

Will your knobbly countenance
Save you from the knife?
No! you are such a tasty dish, 
Those bumps won't save your life.

Yep, it doesn't seem to matter how long or bumpy-beany
the Lazy Housewife beans become,
they are still wonderful!
(pictured above with some Purple Kings for company)

A young housewife, picked in her prime is 
(as every fellow knows) tender and cooks well whole.

However when they get older, 
a bit of preparation may be necessary
before enjoying what she has to offer.

When I was a girl my mother had one of these

I like this little gadget.
It isn't something new...
just good.

This part is on a spring and allows the guide
to open up to accommodate even obese lazy housewives.
See those blades inside?  Mwaa-ha-ha-ha!

It has a blade in the end to top and tail the housewife.
Note how the guide has sprung closed in this photo.

Then you just push-pull the bean through.
The little blades at the sides, on the guides
take off the old lazy housewife's stringy bits.

What you end up with is a pile of evenly sliced beans,
regardless of the size you started with.

A quick steam and 
this little housewife 
will be yours to savor!


  1. What a gem! And it makes the beans so yummy & sexy. Great post, sorry I can't reply in rhyme.

  2. Oh this is the first time I have seen that gadget.Juicy beans.

  3. I have never seen one of those either. Interesting! though I usually don't grow any beans that could be stringy.

  4. Hazel, only you could make a bean-slicer sound like a sex toy!
    I grew some Lazy Houswife beans last Summer, but I let them mature to produce shelling beans. I think they are the type of bean that the French use in Cassoulet, which is a favourite of mine.

  5. In the US, beans prepared this way were called "French cut". I used to have a tool similar to yours, but I haven't seen one in years.

  6. My goodness, first poetry and then a very handy bit of information. You are full of surprises Hazel dear. :)

  7. Ah yes, I have one of those rotary bean slices:
    Great little invention but very heavy and hard to clean...I used it heaps when I first got it but like most gadgets it now just sits in the cupboard. I like the idea of that little slicer you have, I've always wondered how they work,looks like they do a good job, nothing worse than stringy beans! :)

  8. Oh lovely juicy Purple Kings,
    You hide upon my vine,
    Those rats just search about,
    And eat what is mine.

    Hazel I used to love that rotary bean slicer but nowadays I just cook them whole!

  9. I remember my mother using one of those as well - when I saw another post of yours with the beans sliced that way, it reminded me of her. Might be time to go and get myself one (or raid her draw)


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