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Friday, February 24, 2012

Jack ...again

I know I have made reference to Jack, of Jack and the Beanstalk fame, before.  But I can't not mention him again...because I think I must have planted some of his magic beans.

I was very proud, when I constructed a three-metre tall pentapod (it has five legs), for the climbing beans to scale. What I forgot in the design, was that I would never be able to reach the beans at the top.

The photo below was taken at full stretch,
with the camera above my head.
Do you think those beans 
are laughing at me?

Maybe next year I will plant the beans earlier,
drape some tinsel and stick on a star.


  1. Hazel, just look at the 3-metre beans as a dual investment. You will be able to pick some fresh, but the ones you can't reach will ripen and you will eventually be able to harvest dried beans when you take down the plants at the end of the season.

  2. I might join you on the idea of the Christmas Bean

  3. I am not sure if the beans are laughing at you but I was a little bit, lol. I would get a step ladder and go get them.

  4. That's quite the tower you have going there! Amazing! What kind of beans are they?

  5. I did the same! We have beans going up to an upstairs balcony. I can reach the ones at the bottom and the ones at the top if I get up on the balcony but the ones in the middle need a ladder and I've been a bit slack about getting them.

  6. Never mind, as Mark wrote, you will have seeds on the top. That bean plant/s look so healthy so you are doing something right. We live in a tropical/temperate zone and the only thing growing for me is pumpkins. Getting geared up for putting in seeds in a few weeks.

  7. That young lass in the header photo is looking right up that boy's pants.


    1. It's Ok, Ali. He has his undies on...tight fit. Nice to hear from you!

    2. I promise I look all the time, I just don't comment. My computer is so slow - it drives me up the wall just to download one page.


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