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Thursday, February 23, 2012

I need advice

Firstly, I went to my favourite nursery today.
Just sayin!

I am living in curcubit hell.
The pumpkins have taken over the garden,
and are literally, climbing the walls.
This is ONE plant...and the photo
does not do it justice.
It covers a space of about 4 x 4 metres.

It has just started to set fruit,
after its astonishing rampage.

I thought it was a trombocini..
...but clearly it isn't.

Definitely, a Jap pumpkin.
Maybe a dwarf, Jap.
I think I planted some of those seeds.
If it is, the 'dwarf' must refer to the fruit,
not the vine!

Then there is this peachy fellow.
Lousy photo...but you get the idea.
I planted some Queensland Blues.
This is the right shape for a Queenie...
but the wrong colour.

These, I know, are pottimaron.
I grew these last year and loved them.
A small pumpkin with chestnut coloured flesh.
Very tasty - and they stored well.

I am thinking that maybe there has been 
a bit of hanky-panky in the pumpkin patch.

Could the pottimaron 
have consorted with 
the Queensland blue 
to create the offspring
pictured above?


  1. Well, I am no help but I just wanted to say that I would love to have all that squash, though I see what you mean about the vines not being so desirable, lol.

  2. of course it could have, couldnt it??? Cross pollination and all that???? Especially if you have a lot of different vines maybe...all I know is, I think your crop of pumpkins are fantastic..I ended up with two...yes, two...I was excited about I would be thrilled, if not a little overwhelmed if I had a backyard full of vines....

  3. Courgettes cross pollinate I imagine they are the same family as pumpkins same type of flower. Your going to have to name these new varieties that you have created, lets hope they taste as good as they look.

  4. Hi, Just found your blog. I'm from Northeast USA. I think you have a cross pollination going on there. Your pumpkins look fab! You'll have to let everyone know how they taste. Great garden. It's too early here for starting the garden although it was 60 degrees today (very odd for February in Northern NJ).

  5. Oh I love that pottimaron. I am very envious of your pumpkins. For the second year in a row I have had nought and I may in fact give up next year.
    I was hoping I would be able to dispense advice when I read your title but naturally I have no idea.
    I have never been to the Bulleen nursery but I love your header photo so am tempted to make a visit.

  6. Yep, hanky-panky for sure! I swear I have had Button Squash and Squash Delicata mutants before... hope yours are still edible!

  7. well hanky panky or not - they all look delicious. Will have to research all those pumpkin recipes soon. I wish my pumpkins would grow like that - oh no! they couldn't I don't have that much room!

  8. Wow, they look great! I can't wait for mine to flower and fruit. I hope my Japs look half as good as yours.

  9. We have fat and healthy rats at our house who just love pumpkins. The pumpkin seedlings that you gave me produced beautiful yellow pumpkins that look like pottimarons - would they be! I will never know who good they taste!

  10. Forgot to say that my favourite nursery is Bulleen Art and Garden too! HDW


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