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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Look who I saw!

Fast Eddy....

and Joanna Griggs...
(That's her blond hair under the letter 'E' in 'TEAM')

 and Tara Moss
(she was making paper bunting)

...and a lady with teapot on her head...

 ...and Graham Ross

But best of all...
She, who ran the give-away for the tickets.
That's her with a flower in her hair.
Isn't she gorgeous?

It was the Better Home and Gardens (TV lifestyle show) Exhibition....

Lots of rampant marketing
(you know...the magic mops, 
the chopping gadget that chops everything in a split second,
the saw that even cuts through the steel and stays sharp,
the miraculous clippers that can fell a tree etc)

Of course the best thing for me was the building.

 Can you see the three run-away balloons up in the dome?
And for one time only,
I am going to show you a picture of me.
Scroll down......

keep going....


  1. What a gorgeous diaphanous frock you are wearing Hazel, I hope the day was warm for you.....

    1. It was extremely hot in Melbourne today. Thank goodness I dressed appropriately.

    2. On further inspection, I am so glad you decided to gather flowers in your skirt...and carry them, 'just so'....

  2. Haha!

    have no clue who the others are but I expect you and Phoebe were the stars there.
    But don't you think you were little bit of an exhibitionist.

    1. Well, Cathy it was in the EXHIBITION building.

  3. Hazel are you telling the truth? Is that really you?

  4. Well, I don't know who any of the people are but I agree the building is wonderful.

    P.S. that dress needs a slip underneath!

  5. Didn't you get cold shoulders? Or perhaps sun-burnt shoulders if the temps have been as high as I 've heard they have been. BTW, why did you let go of your balloons?

  6. LOL!!! What an amazing self portrait!!:) Sounds like a fun time.

  7. Oh hazel you diaphanous thing you!
    Was wonderful seeing you and the cook! If only I was wearing a similar dress to you, I'm sure our stall would have been buzzing! We could then have frolicked in the fountain together!

    Maybe next time...

  8. I'd imagined your legs to be longer than those!

  9. .. what a heavenly creature you are :D)

  10. If BHG had any sense they would have had done a segment on you and The Cook and then we would have seen you!

    BTW, Costa starts on Gardening Australia this Saturday.

  11. You lucky things being able to hang out in the lovely building, and learn first hand from the gurus. Oh sorry I remembered I love living in the back of whoop whoop, just occasionally get a tad jealous. So tell me was it a rose from your "apron" that went into Phoebe's hair?

  12. How fantastic! Looks like something I would love to see and the building is gorgeous.

  13. ARGH!! SO SAD I didn't get to see you!! Wasn't there at the same time and Phoebe's email went to my junk folder! ARGH!!


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