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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fat Fruit Friday # 7 - It really works!

I posted this on my other blog yesterday. Ali, from Queensland, was wondering why the cucumber in the greenhouse was doing so much better than outside.

Well, this is Melbourne, Victoria. Let's be honest, our weather is changeable at the best of times.  In spring the changes can be meteoric. We have had a couple of days around 30 degrees C., but we have also had a number in the mid-teens.  There has been a fair bit of sunshine, even on the cooler days...and there has been rain.

What the greenhouse seems to do is smooth out the temperature variations.  On cool sunny days, it can be 10 - 15 degrees warmer.  But it works well on overcast days too - it is always noticeably warmer.  The soil in the pots is warm to touch too.

I am going to start taking some temperature readings to get a better idea of how the temperature in the greenhouse compares with that outside.

Look at the clever greenhouse cucumber.
It is starting to climb the trellis.
And look...

it is already holding on.

Compare this with the other cucumber - 
in the same potting mix, but outside...

...and the poor little sod in the veggie patch.  
I hope this one is at least developing some fabulous roots.

 Here are some mixed salad plants grown from seed.
The first one is in the greenhouse, and the second outside.

This one isn't as easy to see.
It is the black pearl chilli.
The first photo is an early one 
taken a couple of days after I potted it up.

You can judge the size better in this photo. 
It is the pot on the right on the middle shelf.
The one with the blue tag.

I think it has put on about four sets of leaves...
doubled its size in fact.
Check out all those lateral shoots too.

We had a very warm weekend after a week of cool, overcast weather.  
It is always warmer in the greenhouse, even on very cloudy days.  
The temperature in there has been in the mid-20s to 30 C.
On the hot days, with the vents open and the blinds pulled, 

the temperature was in the high 30s.

Below top - 25th October
Below bottom - 10th November
(note the hanging basket)

You just wait till I show you the tomatoes, next week.
A hint:  WOW!


  1. Hazel I am still so green with greenhouse envy...Melbourne Dr Seuss-like climate is bufuddling and confounding my poor vegies. I swear it was frosty this morning after the week of sticky heat and humidity we've had! Poor vegies. Tomatoes did a massive growth spurt over the early part of the week and have nearly snapped!

  2. I am already missing my fresh tomatoes. I adore your greenhouse.

  3. Wonderful green house , I envy you!. Especially with the first snow flying here today. No accumulation though.

  4. Where are the chairs and the brew-kit???

  5. I miss cucumbers. I wish mine would hurry up - I reckon yours will be well ahead of mine, and you're in Melbourne. I agree - that green house is da bomb!

  6. doesn't the greenhouse just open up this other exciting side to gardening..i can feel your joy,its wonderful

  7. Hazel, it's been ages since I visited you, and just look at that greenhouse! With it's fancy pants vents and shade cloth pulleys (I sure wish mine had some of those). It looks bloody amazing in there, can't wait to see your tomatoes!


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