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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oooo, Yeah baby!

118.2 Kwh of electricity from the grid at 21 cents per Kwh*
118.2 x 0.21 = 24.822

132.8 Kwh produced by our panels 
and fed into the grid at 68 c pr Kwh

132.8 x 0.68 = 90.304

90.304 - 24.822 = 65.482 
or $65.48

Can't wait for the next 'bill' should be a cheque!  

*21 cents per Kwh is what we pay for peak.  
Some of the 118.2 Kwh would be charged at a lower rate 
because we also have an off-peak rate to heat the hot water.

Mind you, this is a drop in the ocean of the overall cost of the system.
But it still makes my solar powered heart skip.


  1. I'm in a battle with my power company at the moment. They got my paperwork wrong so they're giving me 20c as opposed to the 66c I SHOULD be getting. They say they'll fix it up next week, but I have my doubts. Next step... ombudsman!

    I'd love to get a cheque for my solar. Alas, I have too many power-guzzling offspring!

  2. Hazel, this is inspiring. I love what you do over on the other side of the planet. And isn't technology wonderful?!

  3. Yes Erin it does sound rather good. However...the previous government had legislated the 68 c feed in tariff, but the current govt. has reduced it to 25 cents per KWh....Some states in Australia have scraped it altogether. i was lucky and had my paper work finished by the 30 September so I get the old tariff. But...I haven't had a bill yet and I have heard of others who are having trouble with their we will rejoice for now, but get ready to tantrum if they don't come through. LOL.

  4. Woo hoo yeah! Go Hazel!

    What was the little plant you bought at diggers the other day? I found it (I think?) in my garden this week with wee tiny berries on it. What on earth is it?? I've put up a pic of it, so please have a look and tell me if it looks like yours? I really need to label things...

  5. still waiting for the idiots to come and change my meter box. but I do get excited whenever I see it running backwards, at least Im running the house for free!

  6. That is absolutely brilliant!!!! It may just be a drop in the ocean but it should be the first of many 'clean' ones.

  7. better than a rain gauge! what a lovely bit of daily joy to be producing your own power.

  8. I think that all new homes should be built with solar panels, wind turbines and water-conservation systems - by Law! Lots of lirrle contributins would add up to a lot.

  9. How brilliant. Every drop will help, it's no different to water.

  10. Ooooo i want! Gimme gimme gimee! I am relatively sure the sun bouncing off my roof at the moment here could power the entire country - the sun is already beating down and it's not even 9am. The calculations baffled me but if you are excited - I am excited along with you! Well done solar Hazel :)

  11. What a wonderful feeling that must be!

  12. Fantastic that is something to get excited about!!

  13. Hi Hazel - do you have another post about your panel system? how many panels do you have to get so much power? thanks, peace

  14. Ruth, I never actually posted about the technicalities. It uses eight Amerisolar photovoltaic modules (mono-crystal silicon) with a capacity to produce 1920 watts.
    there is a Samil Power grid-tied inverter - 2.2 kw.

    It came with a 25 year guarantee. But that is only as good as the paper it is written on unless's hoping we don't need to test it. LOL.

    It is bigger than we need, as we are quite low electricity users. As I said in the post we were lucky and were able to get the high feed in tariff. Also there was a federal government subsidy of about $4000. That has also gone now. The money wasn't my main purpose for putting it on. In Victoria we burn filthy brown coal to make electricity...I wanted to use less of this.

  15. Thanks Hazel - your blog is awesome! peace


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