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Thursday, November 10, 2011


Good art is a pleasure to behold.
Great art has the power to convey a universal truth...
to change opinions....
to stimulate movements...
to elicit an emotional response from the viewer.

On first viewing this piece
certainly elicited an emotional response from me.
The universal truth was obvious...
slugs suck! (think about that one).

Then I looked more closely 
and my opinion changed.

The spectacular use of negative space, in this piece, give the viewer a hint of what could have been. The openings in the sculpture are juxtaposed ironically, with the dimpled red, sweetness of the strawberry, underlining the feeling of unexpressed potential. These same openings flood the interior with light, eliciting a tangible sense of grief and loss.  The carefully fabricated edges of the large opening (above) seem to curl back and are reminiscent of the anguish depicted in Munch's, Scream.  Or they could be the artists' impression of a large gaping mouth...laughing grotesquely and mocking the strawberry lover's own drooling, but empty, mouth.  Note the careful placement of the slime to hint at salivation.

From another angle, the careful placement of feacal matter, within the sculpture, may be the artists' way of saying, "We shit on you!, or "You will never get to digest this one, baby!"

The form of the feacal deposit is repeated in the curve of the holes and by the attitude of one of the artists - bringing a sense of alliteration, and rhythm and rhyme, poetically underlining the artwork's powerful message.

One has to admire the ingenuity, the creativity, the endeavour, and the downright cheekiness of the artists who created this master piece - using only their own bodies and materials at hand.

And it must be really GREAT art 
because it stimulated a movement...
one performed with my boot.


  1. Or (as I suspect happens in the case of lots of works of Modern art), it could just be sheer luck that created this!
    Did you give it a name? And if so, was it repeatable in polite company?

  2. mmm I've got basil leaves in the same condition and am looking for slaters or slugs with basil scented breath!
    I'll drop them into soapy water as it kille them quickly and I do most of my gardening with bare feet!

  3. Thanks so much for the giggle! You had me going for awhile - thinking what is she on about? The boot at the end caused me to laugh out loud. Why oh why don't those pesky slugs eat the grass or weeds? The are having a veritable picnic here on my strawberries. Really puts you off grabbing some as you walk by - have to rinse them first!! Ick.
    Cheers Kathryn near Bendigo

  4. What a fabulous critique you make Hazel.....and yes, the 'Scream', never did like that one much.

  5. I have a little shop where you could be an installation Hazel. :)

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oh you make me laugh so much Hazel! Darn evil crittesr those oozy slugs ewwwwww...

  7. Thankyou for making me laugh.

  8. LOL!!! I love it. A future career as an art critic maybe?? Too bad you didn't get to taste it...

  9. haha!!! That's fantastic! Who would have known that you were one of my Landscape Architecture tutors at uni?!


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