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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Clive Blazey said so...

This hollyhock  foxglove self seeded in the potager.
I felt a bit guilty letting it grow because
I didn't think it really belonged in a herb garden.
It is pretty though,
and adds a bit of height to the planting.

Then I went, with the other Melbourne bloggers 
to Heronswood on the weekend.

And what did they have in their herb potager?

You guessed it...hollyhocks  foxgloves.

Check out the flowers on the sage...mad!
So now I can show you my hollyhock foxglove with pride.

Hopefully, more will appear next year...
one looks a bit lonely.


  1. That is not Hollyhock you have there, it is Foxglove.


  2. I was wondering if you were trying to trick us, it is indeed a foxglove. Which means you are a gardening and good soil goddess as I am still trying to get one to self seed!

  3. Ooops! It is indeed a foxglove.

  4. That's what I call foxglove here in California, too.

  5. So pretty! Isn't that what Australian's do? Push the boundaries? informal pottager, foxgloves with the herbs! Gosh, why hasn't the sky fallen in?!

  6. Yes indeed, a beautiful foxglove.

  7. And I have a hollyhock in my vegetable bed...a real one!

  8. I adore holly hocks AND foxgloves! AND your GORGEOUS rambling potager!
    My sage went to flower too and went Mr Bok pulled it out!! So annoyed with him!

  9. Foxgloves remind me of our Dad! When he wasn't looking I would use the flowers for finger puppets.
    I love the interior design used to attract the bees etc.
    While we were away my veggie garden bolted and flowered and I had to battle for a place amongst the hundreds of noisy bees.
    It looked beautiful with the coriander, sage, broccoli, thyme, comfrey and borrage flowers surrounded by the citrus trees in flower. Pity I had to disturb it to plant my summer crop (I did leave some flowers for the bees and butterflies)

  10. love love & LOVE your potager foxgloves as well

  11. I love that you have a foxglove in your vegetable garden reminds me of a cottage garden.

  12. Foxgloves are all very well but I'm waiting to see stuff grow up that pergola...

  13. I never knew Foxgloves look so amazingly stunning! I love the purple !
    Check this -
    Flower Power
    Find out here what flower symbolizes you?

  14. A hollyglove maybe? or a Foxhock?

  15. Your foxglove is beautiful. And it has grown where it is at home. Which is, after all, the point right? Plus, you are clearly a garden design genius. :-)

  16. I love the foxglove! I've just got one come out too! I adore them! Faery-bonnets!


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