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Monday, September 19, 2011

Pull up a pew!

You know that fencing mesh I got 
for the outdoor kitchen?
Look what else I found at the same time!

There is a place up the mountain from here,
in Kinglake, that sells and swaps all manner of things...
furniture, old windows, ornaments,
wood, all sorts of metal bits n pieces....and things
I have no idea what they are or what they are for!
I always pop in...just in case.

I have been thinking I needed a focal point
to draw people from the archway on the drive
along the path I am realigning.

What could be more welcoming than
and old garden bench.

The paint has all but gone, but the wood 
is in surprisingly good condition.

Now I have the problem of preserving it.
I definitely don't want to paint it up to look like new.

Do you have any ideas 
how I can accomplish this?


  1. I can't help Hazel but will be watching for tips. We picked up a set of four (cost us the grand sum of $2). The bits of paint you can see are all different colours. Blue, red, green, yellow. I was wondering about a milk paint????

  2. I suggest a light sanding and a coating of marine quality wood preserver. Our local specialist paint person would be able to give you some advice. HDW

  3. It would be a shame to paint it, the chair looks perfect as it is. I will be interested to see what you do use because I have a table and chairs that could do with something as well.

  4. Very jealous, you can never have too many seats.I suggest a good sand down and then oiling with linseed oil to bring up the grain.

  5. Hazel, all my benches are like this...I love it...I wouldn't do a thing to it at all.....if you think you may want to sit on it to read etc, or are having visitors, keep a home made long thin cushion to put along it in case someone wants to sit, and an old throw draped across the back...but dont paint it!!!!!!!

  6. Yep JFH, I would paint it bright fire engine red... But then I paint everything bright fire engine red. But seriously, I have two little kiddie chairs that I painted red, and then left out in the rain. A few times. For a few months. Oops. BUT... they came up fabulously, they have faded and gone a little black in parts (which sounds awful but is just lovely) and look fabulously spanking marvelous.

    I wouldn't fight with Suzanne though... she's got a big husband.

  7. I would suggest oil it as then if it needs another coat, just paint it straight on top without sanding or anything. Much less work than painting.

  8. I have heard Danish wood oil works quite well after sanding.

  9. Yeah I like the idea of scraping off the flaky paint and just oiling it. keep the grey wood. It looks so nice in the garden. Especially with the recycled brick and lilydale toppings. Are you using lilydale toppings?


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