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Sunday, September 18, 2011

A little bit of footy history at Hazel's

I sourced some interesting trellis 
for the grape vines to grow up on the outdoor kitchen (ODK).
There weren't four rectangular pieces available,
so I went with two of those and a couple of diagonal bits.
I am not sure, but I think it works.

Of course it will look much different with
the vines growing up it in full leaf.

In its previous life, the mesh was balustrading on the steps of the Heatley Stand (opened 1932) at the Carlton Football ground, AKA Princess Park.
The stand was torn down in 2008 to make way for new training and administration facilities for the footy club.

It would be especially sweet if I was a Carlton supporter.
However, I most certainly am not!

Although, I did listen to the game on the radio last night.
Carlton were defeated by the West Coast Eagles
in an extraordinarily long, nail biting final quarter
resulting in a mere 3 point difference.

The old Navy Blues will play no more
in the final series of 2011.



  1. Your outdoor kitchen project makes me yearn for one of my own. Nice trellis idea.

  2. thats fantastic Hazel, its so interesting when u no the history of the recycled stuff your using. Wonderful story especially as I am an eagles supporter. "Go Eagles"

  3. Wow your ODK is looking really good the old bottles are 10yr old daughter is a carlton fan.. master 11 and I are geelong fans..hubby and the 2 older boys are old fitzroy boys(so the go for brisbane lions) but we have not one pie fan in this household..Go GEELONG!!!

  4. ODK is looking amazing but I'm not sure I can follow u anymore knowing you're a pies nut! oh well I guess no one is perfect. (GO THE BOMBERS!)

  5. OH NO! I just don't know how I can think of you in the same way ever again. How are you planning on eating all your vegies without any teeth??


    It's pretty wonderful having that bit of history in your yard. How did you come to acquire that old fencing?

  6. Loving the kitchen Hazel. Footy bores me silly though.

  7. veggiegobbler said it all! I agree wholeheartedly! Love the mesh tho! Gonna look great with the grape vine but if mine is anything to go by it would cover your whole kitchen so make sure you have your hacking and traing tools at the ready.

  8. Good trellis idea and some great photos! Your kitchen project turned out great. Kelli

  9. Hazel your outdoor kitchen is fantastic and the vines growing up the trellis will look great. I love that little square garden at the foot of the trellis too.

  10. Love that you know the history of the wire. Will look great with the vine growing over it.

  11. That is interesting that you know where the mesh came from.

    Confesses to supporting the Eagles or Beagles as we call them here lol


  12. I LOVE your ODK! wonderful! your grapes will look lovely climbing there.


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