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I ran away from teaching to the country to grow veggies. There are also some chooks and a pair of troublesome goats who were so much trouble they had to go! My simple green life isn't always as simple or as green as I'd like...but I keep trying!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Each year Spring brings the same dilemma.
My hairy legs.

I want to NOT care, but find it hard to go forth
into the unsuspecting world looking like a yeti
from the knees down.

As I gardened yesterday,
weeding and planting:
snow peas, telephone peas, 
red cored carrots, beetroot,
and potatoes (no chitting!)
I was constantly reminded of my prickly problem.

I look up from placing potatoes
(20 x Coliban, 20 x Toolangi gold)
and what do I see?

A hairy goat!

...and...check out those
hairy strawberry leaves taunting me!

Claude, always with an opinion, put his whiskers where they weren't needed.

Kiwi fruit are as whiskery as my legs...but who knew the Spring leaves would get in on the act?

Even nature put it's oar wombat in.
A very HAIRY and mangy wombat
on the other side of the creek.

To further rub the point in,
to underline the issue,
to rub salt into my wounds.
an almost bald vegetable garden!

And as if all that wasn't enough...
what movie did The Cook decide 
to slip into the DVD player last night???



  1. I too am follicly blessed!

    No broad beans for me either! I'm itching to get them out though so I can plant my zucchinis! There are heaps of flowers. BUT NO BEANS!

  2. It's hair day for me today, I'm off to get my haircut so I don't look like a shaggy dog. As for the leg department, I dare say it will be another 6 weeks before it warms up enough to warrant me getting out of long pants. Then I will face the dilemma. By the way, my broads beans are loaded with flowers but no sign of beans yet. Maybe the bees haven't been out yet this year to do their work.
    I will wait in expectation,

  3. I like to have hairfree legs and don't apologise for it (a hairy hippy I'll never be!!) but am always glad for a respite from shaving them in Winter. Now the shorts-wearing-weather is upon us, time to sharpen the axe and do some serious logging. I know no one else cares about the level of forestry I have growing on my lower limbs, or even gets close enough to tell really, BUT I like smooth legs & my opinion is most important to me!

    Oh, that poor wombat looks rather mangy!

  4. Broad beans are always a dilemma - I remember last year I planted some late tomatoes where they had been growing. (that would have been late November)
    Get that hair leg ripped out. I had my leg forest ripped out before I came to AS and feel comfortable exposing those legs even though they are Melbourne winter white! HDW

  5. Just gave mine the crop, used to leave them hairy out of principal but found I stopped wearing shorts and skirts, just silly to be self conscious.

  6. Hairlarious.....treat yourself to the pain, go have them waxed....Im so glad I gave up my job of bikini modelling long ago...I find even the waxing I get done, expensive and painful....but yeah, necessary....that poor wombat, he needs some ointment for his mange, poor luv. I bet he is not just hairy, but itchy too... :(

  7. Did you hear about bird flu being found in pigeons in northern Melbourne? Do we get our girls vaccinated?!

  8. Its not THE bird flu, but its a bird flu that kills birds and transfers to humans. Its unusual for humans to get sick.

  9. Heehee! We're descending into Autumn so I don't have this problem :)

  10. Too early for me. I inherited my father's follicle genes not my mother's. ::sigh::

  11. Hazel, get out there and go get your legs done. Waxed, not shaved.

    When you stop bothering with your legs, you might as well just give up and lay down in the garden as compost. Winter or summer, those legs need to be ready for anything.

    Go forth and remove young Hazel.

  12. Can I also thank you for not posting a photo.


  13. Hazel you just listen to Ali - she is a wise woman!

  14. It is that time of year isn't it - what to do about hairy legs? Fortunately it will be a few more weeks before I get around to wearing anything other than jeans or trackies.

  15. Ha! It has to be over 30 degrees for me to bare my legs.


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