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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ugly to divine

I cleared another vegetable bed for new plantings
and boiled up the beetroot I picked.

Is there a vegetable more messy and troublesome than beetroot?
And look how ugly it is!

But peel it, pop it in the food processor 
with some other ingredients 
and look at the gorgeous dip/spread it becomes.

I checked the web for recipes and all called for yoghurt.
There wasn't any in the fridge so I used some cream cheese,
garlic, lemon juice, and enough olive oil to make it work.

I didn't even add any spices or the dip was garlicky
and full of that earthy flavour of beetroot.

Like I said,
D I V I N E!


  1. Love beetroot, in all forms but specially as a dip. My version has nuts (I use macadamias, but you could substitute cashews or pine nuts or almonds) and no dairy at all, and is super-devine!

  2. Beetroot is the best vegetable and so versatile. When I harvested my excess a couple of weeks ago I made chutney which can be used as a dip and on sandwiches or as a side to vegetables, meat or pastries. I got the recipe off the Taste site.
    It is great that we are able to grow them all year around.

  3. Actually it was called Beetroot pickles and off course it is dairy free.HDW

  4. I have planted some beetroot for the first time and all of the seedlings have taken off so far. I guess I will be looking for ways of dealing with them soon...

    Your dip looks nice and yum.

  5. Messy yess. Ugly, no way, it is so vibrant and earthy. I made mt old beetroot into soup and it was delicious too. You really can't beat the colour.

  6. Yum!Tried it cooked, peeled then put in with garlic, onions and tomatoes as a hot dish?

  7. That dip does sound divine. I'm a beetroot lover as well - with the small ones you can just scrub the skin and bake them whole as a roast veg.

  8. I LOVE beetroot, and that definitely looks divine! My favourite though is freshly sliced beetroot with salt and vinegar, yumm!!

  9. YUM. I have never in my life tasted beetroot dip - isn't that strange. If mine ever get any bigger, I'll give it a go.

  10. Boiled, peeled and served with a dab of butter. Very very nice!!!!


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