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I ran away from teaching to the country to grow veggies. There are also some chooks and a pair of troublesome goats who were so much trouble they had to go! My simple green life isn't always as simple or as green as I'd like...but I keep trying!

Monday, September 5, 2011


No...not a world record
in giant vegetables .... or athletics (LOL)
and not anything musical.
Just a record of my gardening yesterday.

Potted up:
A dwarf Kaffir Lime,

...and some sick looking tomato seedlings bought at a $2 shop
....they may be an early LOSS of money.

Basil - Yates gourmet mix
Zucchini - Yates Greyzini
Zucchini - Digger's tromboncino
Capsicum - Digger's seven colour mix
Pumpkin - Eden seeds Jap pumpkin (trad, non hybrid)
Pumpkin - Eden seeds Turkish Turban (trad, non hybrid)
Pumpkin - Digger's Potimarron (Rare French)
Tomato - The Lost Seed Broad Ripple Yellow Currant.

I even turned on the sprinklers
and created a rainbow in the potager.

I was dreading the amount of soil/potting mix 
these two large tins were going to require.

Then I discovered that two large plastic
plant pots I had, fitted perfectly.
I am going to use these for seasonal flowers.
So I can have some on the go and then
swap them over....perpetually full planters.

I love Spring!


  1. It really is the time of year to be putting things into dirt and watching them grow, isn't it. Your potager is looking great.

  2. I love it too, just beautiful to be outside, watering, planting, I think Gardeners feel it...I know its not everybodies 'thing'...but I could spend all day just pottering, planting, looking...just 'being' the garden...

  3. The last photo is great Hazel! I love the pots and the bright pop of colour of the outdoor setting. The pottager is very pretty!

  4. I'm green .......................with envy. Now my garden knows what it's GOT to be when it grows up... As beautiful as yours.


  5. My zuk's are struggling at the moment too. Still too cold! ...and what are you doing with my arch? hehe! Maa

  6. I,ve never seen Cardamom growing before. I somehow imagined it to be a tree rather than a shrub... Is this the type that produces those lovely fragrant pods?
    Yor potager looks beautiful - and it already has a well-established air, despite being so new!

  7. love this little spot in your garden it just says come sit down and relax

  8. Don't we all love spring :) looks like you're definitely enjoying it with all that seed sowing!

  9. Your potager is looking beaut - rainbow and all!

  10. Love it all Hazel! And doesn't the start of spring just bring out the absolute best in all gardeners, so many blogs with such action and optimism - except perhaps those sad little tomatoes, but if anyone can pull them through I'm sure you can.

  11. I foresee another colourful pumpkin harvest from your garden this year. I cheated using lots of potting mix for very big pot by filling the bottom half with compostable material. Then top it with potting mix later. Compostable material keeps moisture and will nourish the plants later when it has longer roots after it decayed.


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