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I ran away from teaching to the country to grow veggies. There are also some chooks and a pair of troublesome goats who were so much trouble they had to go! My simple green life isn't always as simple or as green as I'd like...but I keep trying!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Goats' undies

The goats have decided that the deck
 outside my bedroom door 
is a much nicer place to sleep than their stupid old shed.

They love to gambol in the moonlight.  
The clatter of their hooves jumping on and off the deck 
and chasing each other around at all hours 
is not really conducive to sleep. 
 When they deign to rest, curled up on the mat, 
they scratch themselves with their back hooves, just like a dog.  
It sounds like someone is knocking on the door.

As you can see from these pictures 
of the door 

and the mat 

and the house wall 

they have been rubbing themselves
to ease the itch of their coat changing from winter to summer.  
So I thought I would give them a good brush.

Look what I got after just a few minutes of brushing.  
I didn't imagine that they would have 
a soft downy under coat.  

The goat version of thermal underwear....
who would've thunk it?


  1. Whow!! I guessed it was a time to shed the thermals and how efficient you've been in helping them.

  2. Hehe....should keep you warm on those cold nights. It's nice to know they're nearby keeping you company.

  3. well at least your never alone! haha how clever are these little monkeys, goats. You did the job for them.

  4. After reading your post, thought I better go back & read past goat posts before commenting as I was wondering if you keep your goats for their milk or hair? I can now see they are the most delightful if mischievous pets, they must keep you entertained for hours, I found your post very entertaining, although was a bit upset about the dog attack, poor creatures must have been terrified.

  5. The birds probably love the Goat hair for their nests. There certainly is plenty. I have a ginger cat that probably sheds just as much, well it seems like it anyway when you look at my floors!

  6. Amazing. I wonder if you can spin it - they spin and knit/weave with camel hair. HDW

  7. thanks for the heads up Hazel, looks like some grooming is on the cards for my boys too

  8. They've probably moved there so they are closer to the shower.

  9. I was on the same track as HDW - maybe it can be spun like alpaca fleece? I think a hand knitted goat cardigan would be rather fetching to pop down to the shops in :-)

  10. Hee hee, make a nice coat those goats!

    Ooo that's bad. The boys' father used to live in the middle of a dairy farm, and he had one cow in particular that he really liked. I thought it was sweet until I discovered that he admired its coat and had it picked out for a jacket.

  11. I think it would spin...but there isn't enough of it to make much. I already put it in a tree for the birds to find (great minds think alike, Jackie).
    I had to hold Bazza's collar because he wasn't too keen, but Bubba stood still and seemed to enjoy it. It will be interesting to see what happens when they see me coming with the brush again.

  12. From the goats' point of view, it must've felt heavenly getting all that excess brushed off... now they'll hang around the door even more ;D)

  13. So will you be out looking for a pre-owned spinning-wheel now, Hazel?


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