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Friday, September 23, 2011

Aussie Made and Strong!

Fat Fruit Friday - 2
This week I visited Daniel, of Fat Fruit Greenhouses, at his factory.
It was the first time we have met in the flesh, 
having only used the phone and email up to this point.

He thinks I was going to meet him and discuss
some of the finer points or our arrangement
where he provides me with a greenhouse
in return for writing a few veggie articles on his website.

Really, I was going to check the progress
on my new greenhouse and to make sure he was doing a good enough job.

This is what I saw outside his factory as I drove up.
Mmmm! Looks pretty strong.

Yep!  It's strong!

Daniel, is bursting with enthusiasm
and eagerly showed me around the factory.

He is using galvanised Australian steel
and has lots of ideas for additions and accessories for his greenhouses.

Don't forget to call in on Daniel, if you are going the 
Royal Agricultural Show in Melbourne.

You will find him (and my greenhouse)
in the City of Melbourne's
Sustainable Backyards display.

This is new to The Show this year
and has interactive and educational demonstrations
to illustrate simple ways for us to become more self-sufficient
and environmentally friendly
in our own back yards

And look what else I got of The Show's website:

Fat Fruit Greenhouses Competition - Win a Greenhouse for your School

Visit the Fat Fruit Greenhouse exhibit in the Sustainable Backyard to find out more and collect your entry form. You will need to send Fat Fruit Greenhouses a 3minute DVD, explaining why your school would love a fat Fruit Greenhouse and where you would place it in the school. You then go into the draw to win an Australian made 2.3m by 2.3m Fat Fruit Greenhouse valued at $2932 with super tough patented panelling - 250 times stronger than glass and easy to use vents, great for the kids.
Send Entries to: Victorian Schools Garden Awards C/o Nursery & Garden Industry Victoria, PO Box 2280 Wattletree Road LPO East Malvern VIC 3145 by 30 October 2011.
The winner will be announced at the Victorian Schools Garden Awards presentation day at the Royal Botanic Gardens at 10am on Thursday 1st December 2011. As an added bonus all schools that enter are invited to attend.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the Greenhouse competition!! Passed the info to a friend involved in our school's garden. They do look well made so I'm still suffering from Greenhouse envy!

  2. Now if I had a greenhouse, I'd want one like that - made to last! So much of the stuff on sale these days is so flimsy. The cloches I bought in the Spring looked great in the catalogue and sounded good on paper, but in the flesh they are lightweight and, well, flimsy. I don't see them lasting more than a year or two.

  3. Congratulations to you both! sounds like a win win situation :-)
    Look forward to many more fat fruit posts.

  4. What a beauty...should last for donkey's years! Looking forward to seeing it in situ.

    PS I'm a retired teacher's asst :D


  5. Great photo at the top of your blog Hazel! The greenhouse looks a treat.

  6. That greenhouse looks more solid than my actual house! I am expecting great things to come out of it! Can't wait to see your articles on his site - let us know when you have done them... if you do them :D

    ps seeing as I am being adopted, does that make that greenhouse kind of mine too?

  7. Oh wow, a green house will make a great addition to your garden Hazel, and it doesn't look like it'll be blowing away in the first storm either. I love your header today, Very Pretty, are they violas? from your garden?

  8. A real sturdy structure - Daniel certainly makes them to last.
    Very prettiful header too.

  9. That greenhouse looks so strong. everytime, I look at them they look like they would blow away in a storm.
    Your garden and yard is looking beautiful and industrious.

  10. Saw yours in person today Hazel, think I can safely say Daniel did a fine job building it. Just think of all the wonderful things you'll be growing in there soon. I'd love one if I had the space. Will be reading with interest.


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