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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Where for art thou, my prince?

It is such a relief when the stick you bought and planted,
actually begins to sprout.
Check out this white sultana variety table grape.

However, it is hard on the heart
when the tall dark and handsome prince
(not to mention strong, sweet, juicy and large and black)
fails to show up as expected.

The goss is that he is a late bearer
so perhaps he is just waiting to make
a grand entrance to the party of my life.

Or will I be a wallflower,
in the game of love,
once more?


  1. My black prince (Craig) on his trusty steed (wipper-snipper)has dealt the fatal blow to my grape in waiting!

  2. I love how you change your heading photo each time you post, I also love reading your posts, thanks!

  3. I don't know what variety our grapes are and didn't see any fruit last summer - birds I suspect. I noticed buds this week too.

  4. Hazel, it's hard to imagine you as a wallflower. Or a shrinking violet for that matter... :)

  5. i purchased 2 grapes last year(can't bothered running out to see what they are) I got a few leaves on them last year..I decided to move them this year but only ened up doing it 2 weeks ago and I was kinda worried i might have killed them..they are in pots for now..well low and behold 2 days ago they started budding..i sighed a sigh of relief and said aloud(but only God could hear"I didn't kill them")one is red one green..they will stay in the pots till next winter by then hopefully I will have the pergols build for them..wonder how long before we can expect fruit?

  6. I am living in hope for you, as I am for my Fuyu persimmon which is also looking like a twig which will stay a twig forever :(

  7. I always hate waiting for those "twigs" to sprout something. Hopefully your grape will produce.

  8. Isn't it funny how just a little green bud can bring such happiness and hope to gardeners?

  9. It's only early spring there Hazel, give your prince a bit more time to make an appearance :) As for the white Sultana it's great to see it budding and making an appearance, one of the many joys of spring!


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