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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Winter Wednesday # 10

 My garden is blessed with about ten camellias.
and are just beginning to peter out.
Now the first of the japonicas are starting to bloom.
Here are July's offerings.

This one has a fairly symmetrical form, begins as a hot pink 
(almost red) and the back petals fade to mauve.

The second one has a frilly centre and petal margins that look hand painted.

Who could hate a season that brings such beautiful blooms?

Go on...think hard and write a post about
the joys of Winter.
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and I will put a link to your contribution.


  1. Hazel, don't tell me you've got yourself a working keyboard, where are all the full stops.

    I love camellias too, they remind me of my childhood home, before the extension took out the bush.

    Here's my Winter Wednesday thought for this week

    Loving the kitchen progress updates, looking forward to the next installment.

  2. I've never known the name of those before, thank you Ms Dene.

  3. We had one beautiful, small camellia bush on our property and a year or so ago my dad took it out reversing a trailer. It was devastating to watch, the whole thing popped clean out of the ground, roots and all.

    Glorious pictures! I adore the first camellia.

    Lemon Butter is on the go here:

    And your keyboard - do explain! I will miss the quirky full stops :)

  4. Whoops, that link should be:

  5. This is such a good idea!

    We wanted to dig a hole to pump away all the water...but it keeps filling up...with water.


  6. Very pretty Camellias Hazel!

    Here is my Leeky winter addition.

  7. Such pretty flowers! We have nothing like this in our garden at the moment, but I think they'd make a lovely addition.

    Winter has taken a hiatus here:

    Happy Wednesday to you!

  8. Hazel love your Camellias particularly the second one.The pink tinged edges are so delicate and beautiful.

    It's as if someone took a paint brush and paint to them, just stunning.

    Another beautiful day here in North East Vic.

    Claire :}

  9. The cammies are just lovely Hazel. One of the many things I am envious of with your cooler climate. Note - some winter envy happening!

    I've done a Winter Wednesday post myself - it's over at

    cheers Wendy

  10. I'm sorry, but I think that camelia pic is waaaay too small:) Beautiful shots.

  11. Your Camellia's are beautiful Hazel!

    Here is my not so Winter Wednesday,

  12. My dad loved camelias, we had a lot of bushes at my home growing up...I nick them sshhhh when I am out and I see a nice bloom ....I saw a tree of white ones on the way to the playground yesterdat, just beautiful....
    Its snowing at our house today Hazel, for Winter Wednesday...x

  13. Will admit I am a bit disappointed to see the prolific use of full stops go. Your site is already remarkable but it added that little bit extra quirkiness.

  14. I can't help it, if it's not a vegetable, I just can't get that enthusiastic. Except for sunflowers. And gardenias. And white or red flowers. Okay, your camellias are beautiful. Any white ones??

    And your keyboard is fixed!

  15. Where are the full stops!!!! :)
    I love camellias!
    Yours are goooooorgeous...


  17. I wondered about the sudden disappearence and reappearence of the full stops!
    Here's my offering, just in the nick of time :)

  18. I'm with you and Ali too, by the way, I like camellias and enjoy the two that were already in my garden, but I wouldn't choose them over a food plant... mind you, I have contemplated planting one of the real tea camellias, then they'd fulfil my food-plant requirement!

  19. You're all so clever to think of things for winter. I'm a wimp. I do enjoy reading them though.
    The Camellias are beautiful Hazel.


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