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Monday, May 16, 2011

Early Camellias

Last year I wrote a separate post for each of the gorgeous camellias that dwell in this garden.
This year I will post them in groups.

E N J O Y !

Numero Uno:  First bloom early April.

Numero Due:  First bloom mid April.

This one is outside the bathroom window and flowered for more than four months, last year.  When we were renovating the bathroom, we hunted for tiles to match it but couldn't find any the right colour.

Have a bloomin wonderful week, everyone.


  1. Is that a Grandiflora? I've never seen a tree form of one of those. The camellia trees in our area are older varieties like Pink Perfection. Camellias are one of my favorites. My house has been in our family for 6 generations and each has planted camellias from the seeds that are produced. You just can't beat a camellia for a plant that has good manners.

  2. They're beautiful! Now I want to plant camelias!

  3. The passionate hot pink is fab, lovely outside the bath. Kelli

  4. A beautiful flower and the color is just perfection.

  5. they are the idea you had to decorate the bathroom to compliment the camellias

  6. The joys of a cooler climate. They are just gorgeous Hazel.

  7. Gorgeous photos of a beautiful flower.

    Camellia's dont grow well here even though I bet some people have success where I didn't.


  8. That was a lovely thought to bring the pink inside to the bathroom, shame you couldn't find the right match. Pretty pretty blooms.

  9. Oh yes, I am up there with the bathroom view - that's just heavenly... oh I do adore a pretty flower... I have a glorious gardenia that the previous owner planted, it comes out each year with big fat flower... I'll have to post them whenever it is that they come out - so pretty.

  10. Camellias in the autumn?? Of course :)

    Superb photos Hazel! Yes I did enjoy them :)

  11. Beautiful Hazel! I can see buds on my tiny plants...after I hacked them last summer LOL can't wait to see them when - if! - they blossom!

  12. Lovely view from your bathroom. I am jelous always wanted a camellia plant in the garden. So pretty!


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