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Friday, August 19, 2011

On my Mind...seeing red!

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After my Wattley Winter Wednesday post
when I told you that wattle can come in
purple and red....
look what I found in 
my local nursery...

Yep!  A red wattle!

I was tempted...but your can't eat it, so I didn't buy it.

But I did buy....

A mulbery...Hicks fancy..
A Lisbon Lemon
An English Gooseberry...berry prickly
Two grapevines to go over the outdoor kitchen
...a sultana grape and a black one.  


  1. hopefully we will be picking gooseberries at the same time later this year..I have dreams of goosberry jam and tarts.

  2. Good Grief you can get red wattles!!! Beautiful photos and plants. Thank You. Popped over from Rhonda's blog.

  3. Hi jumped over from D2E. Our mulberries are sending out new shoots (we planted them last year) and starting to flower, will have to cover them soon to keep the chooks away. But the lemon tree in the paddock looks very ill, will have to give it some luvin' attention.

  4. Id love to be able to grow one of those!
    The new plants sound great!!

  5. Hazel I would hate to aid and abet temptation but you can eat wattle seeds!

  6. oooh I want a red wattle, but the frost kills them here.
    Hey, can't you eat the wattle seeds ?
    (sorry just looking for an excuse for you !).

  7. Happy planting over the week-end!

  8. ~sigh~ So pretty! I don't think you can really beat the original yellow wattles, but this must come in a close second.

  9. I suppose you could eat it Hazel, but it might not be a good idea........
    It's gorgeous and yes, I want one.

    Love your header pic, those trees in blossom look stunning. Noticed leaves appearing on a Crab Apple and I'm sure they are way too early, like a good month or so......

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire :}

  10. My parents had a beautiful red wattle in their garden which seemed really happy until they got too much rain late last year.....I think they can be a bit tempermental but it was fabulous though.

  11. lovely! My vow to not buy any non-edible plants has been adjusted since learning larkspur will deter the Japanese beetle that's eating up so many our leaves!!

  12. A red wattle! What a discovery.

    Happy food growing. We have a Lisbon lemon and it struggled in a pot for 2 years before I planted it in the ground. It's now thriving and has never looked better. A tad thorny, though.


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