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Thursday, August 18, 2011


We drink a lot of tea here.
So much that I reckon
if you drew blood from me....
it would be brown!

Now I haven't done enough research to work out if this is SUS or not.  
If you know, do not hesitate to let me know!

Anyway this post is really about 
the STAINABLE in sustainable.

Tea does such a great job of staining the insides of our cups
that I began to wonder if it would do the same to 
the pine boards I have used to line the outdoor kitchen.

So we have been saving the tea bags and today
I brewed them up in a pot.

I will let you know how well they do!


  1. Great idea...I would love to know how this works out.

  2. That's exciting. I hope it works. I can remember using tea to stain all sorts of things when I was at school - well actually just fabric and paper. It made new look old.

  3. Yuk it's almost as bad as cigarette butts!

  4. Yuk it's almost as bad as cigarette butts!

  5. Yes!! Yes!! Great Idea!!
    This should work perfectly!!

  6. I use Parisienne Essence to stain fabric, it is a stronger colour than tea..I also paint it on my wooden spindles if they need a touch up is the stuff that in the old days people would colour their gravy with..ewww, but anyway, you can get it in the flavourings/essence section of the supermarket..water it down and brush it on like paint...Im off to have a cup of tea... :)

  7. Sounds like a great idea to me. On the staining front. And on the SUS part of Sustainability and tea, I was pretty chuffed to find an organic and fairtrade chamomile tea in the supermarket recently, and at a reasonable price.

  8. Keep posted. Very curious. All our teabag end up in compost.

  9. what a fabulous idea! and thx for the head's up on Lipton. good enough reason to stop buying generic tea.

  10. Hi! I just wanted to quickly address your "SUS" comment!

    While Litpon currently source 50% of their tea from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, they have committed to scale up to 100% by 2015. In part because of the demanding certification standards, it takes time to build supply. Especially considering the huge volume of tea that Liptons source. Allowing companies to use the seal before they have reached 100%, but have made a commitment to increase to 100% as soon as practicable, is a realistic approach that benefits workers, their families and wildlife.

    (FYI: Rainforest Alliance Certified farms curb deforestation, conserve water and soil, reduce waste and provide habitat for wildlife. Further, farm workers benefit from good work conditions, decent wages, healthcare and access to education for their children.)

  11. My vote is that the tea bags provide a nice pale stain... maybe a few 'coats' needed?

  12. I think there is a law somewhere that states that things only stain when you don't want them to, and when you DO want them to they don't stain. That's what my wine believes, anyway.

  13. I have the same problem, Mark, with most things I put (or try to put) in my mouth. LOL

    Suzanne, I will be looking in the food essences is the tea doesn't work. Thanks for the tip.

    Anna, Thankyou for the information. It is good to get it 'from the source'. I think I will go and have another cup of tea.

  14. Keep us updated how well the tea stain does, I'm very curious! Be great if the stain holds and doesn't fade away.


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