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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Look what I saw!

I have been working on the outdoor kitchen
and, so far, I have managed with a hand saw.

I haven't had need to power up the 
new circular saw I bought the other day. 

Now this may not sound that exciting.
But...I have never been able to do it.

From a little girl, I have watched others
saw through wood like it was butter.

It was too hard for me.  I twisted the saw, 
it popped out of the slot, the saw blade
never progressed through the wood
 and I gave up.

But I seem to have
 developed the knack!


  1. Way to go girl!! Just watch your fingers!

  2. Lol, it all has to do with not pulling the saw out too far.

  3. hi 5 on the sawing skills but damn on the teasing of the ODK

  4. Congratulation on your success. It really is a knack and once you have it you'll probably never try and use a saw any other way.

    Kind Regards

  5. Good for you Hazel! I have inherited my mother's genes for all things tool-related so saws and I are (necessarily) not close companions. I shall enjoy vicariously!

  6. I think a lot depends on the actual saw too. I remember my amazement some years ago when I bought a new saw to cut the wood for my first proper raised beds - it was just SO much better than any I had owned before, and made the job incredibly easy.
    Do you draw a pencil line on the wood to show you where to cut? I do; or sometimes I put a piece of masking-tape along the line.

  7. I am impressed! I am so wimpy that I have no confidence in my ability to use any tools - I am rapt when I manage to hammer a nail into the wall to hang a picture. I been hankering for another veggie patch and want a raised garden bed but I know Monkey Man doesn't have the time to build it for months. I've been studying how to do them myself but I just don't reckon I could even drill bits together. Let alone saw wood with a hand saw!

  8. Ooo I get it, you saw!! Hazel, to make me feel like I deserve to own a toolbelt I saw through banana plants... like butter Hazel, like butter.

  9. Very impressive work Hazel - definitely not a skill I have ever mastered. I tend to find the blade sticks and then I end up pulling it all the way out and inevitably getting my fingers instead of the wood. Hence I stick to the drill and hubby does the sawing.

  10. definitely something to be proud of!

  11. You go!!!!A beautiful skill!

  12. Love the moment when the wood pops clean from the main piece! I have used the cut-off saw only once, I can't seem to disengage the safety lock (d'uh!) and to be honest, I'm really scared of it. Handsaws are the THING. :)


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