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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Winter Wednesdays #4

Tis the Winter Solstice down here at the bottom of the Earth.
Although there is lots of cold weather ahead...
we can now go forward into the light!

The air may be crisp and cold...

but the wonderful wintry sunshine
shafts its way into the the forest,

takes the 'prim' out of primulas,

makes the apples blush,

 and paints the prickly cactus irresistible.


  1. Oh how I'm looking forward to the light!
    Great pictures as usual Hazel!
    I've had a go at Winter Wednesday today.

  2. This is a great post Hazel. Lovely bright photos.

    Not much sunshine here lately...

    Joining you today with Winter Wednesday

  3. Here is my winter sunshine, though it has abandoned us lately

    thanks for the invite and I know what I am having for lunch now following your previous post. :)

  4. I found some sunshine at our place today too Hazel...

  5. Looks like a very pretty place down there Hazel...Hope your Keeping Warm
    I'm at home sitting by the fire!
    Would you like to join me?

  6. I just love reading your blog Hazel
    & funny to see other bolgs i read read you to so i thought i would join in:

  7. Hi Hazel,any little ray of sunshine is magic on a winters day.
    Enjoying reading others Wednesdays posts as well as yours! Cheers.

  8. Your sister must be very clever to have beautiful primulas flowering on the Winter Solstice!

  9. Loving those photos Hazel - particularly the first one.
    I'm sure it's a bit nippy where you are - hope you have some of Gooseberry Jam's Balileys or something similar by your fireside.

    I've just done a winter post on my site -

    cheers Wendy

  10. Great pix Hazel!

    I have joined you again this week.

  11. Ooo Hazel, I still can't figure out how to link! I adore your photo of the sunlight in the trees - gosh your photos are really getting good...

  12. Its HOT here and I am so missing some cooler weather

  13. Maybe I have to do a Summer Sunday

  14. OK but it will have to wait until December, LOL. Gorgeous photos. They make me happy to see.

  15. Love the primrose and the red background of your header. Go Winter!

  16. Winter is actually a great growing season where I live. I love the lushness of the garden at the moment, but oh how I'm celebrating the coming longer days!


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