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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Winter Wednesdays #3

An early Winter joy!
Shutting the shed door on the lawn mower 
for the last time until next Spring....
Hear that? Silence. 

Posted as a series about the joys of Winter.  
Why don't you write a post about what you enjoy about Winter 
and link up?


  1. your header is beautiful !
    wonderful close-up :)
    and yay to slumbering lawn-mowers I say !

  2. How nice and quiet it must be down at your shed. I'm thinking about winter harvests

  3. Yes Hazel, I can hear that silence! That is one good thing about Winter, I'm sure many will agree.

    It's only just starting to get cold here and I'm thinking about how I'm going to keep warm...

  4. My husband and son always appreciate the end of mowing season.

  5. I'm loving my winter camellias!

  6. My fur and feathered friends are warming themselves this winter wednesday Hazel..

  7. Hi Hazel,

    I hear the silence...

    I have joined in this week with Winter Wednesday...

  8. I can hear your sigh of relief from here! Thought the grass wouldn't stop growing at our place this year ;-)

    Am enjoying your Winter Wednesday and am also joining in with: Saving our Bronzewing

    Cheers, Susan :D)

  9. Our grass doesn't stop growing here but it does slow down.

    I'm still looking for something to love about Winter. When I find it I'll join in on Wednesdays as well.

  10. Wow! Just stopped snowing here. I've only mowed twice. You sent shivers up my spine.

  11. There is a great option for year long lawn mower silence... get a push powered one. I have. I blog about it at some stage.

  12. My lawn-mower has gone altogether now - gave it away via Freecycle - since I no longer have any grass.
    I know what you mean though, putting the mower into hibernation for a while can be very "significant".

  13. That's funny Hazel, I just bought a fabulous new mower today! As Missy said, it doesn't quite stop here... I still cannot figure out how to link via that create a link doohickey, so I linked to you in mine. Can you believe that today I actually did find something!

  14. Come and see what I like About winter

  15. Silence is golden hey Hazel! Enjoy your mover free months.

    Here's my contribution to the Winter Wednesdays

  16. The boys ride the lawnmower all year round - sometimes not because the lawn needs it.

    I've joined in this week for Winter Wednesday. I'll try and post a link like Susan did. Hope that's ok.

    Winter Wednesday

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Please excuse my deleted comment, I was trying to figure out how to make a link work and it didn't!

    Silence is golden, isn't it? Nothing like living in suburbia to make you realise how many people mow, blow, and whippersnip all weekend.

    Here's my contribution for today:


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