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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Indulge me

Sadly, The Americans have gone.
But I know you will allow me one granny post 
before resuming normal transmission.

  Don't you find it interesting to be a tourist in your own city? 
It always makes me look at things in through a different lens 
when I am out and about with visitors.
Like these sculptures of commuters in the CBD...
barely noticed by the locals.


There was a campfire in Federation Square.

Even the Queen Victoria Market looked quite exotic!

Of course, it is always fun to dine out with four and six year old boys!

We went on Puffing Billy, a vintage narrow gauge steam train, in the Dandenong Ranges.  

 The lovingly restored century old trains and infrastructure 
are run by a team of 600 volunteers...
mostly old blokes who love a captive audience.  
This one is explaining, in detail, 
how the whole thing works to my two Aussie grandsons.

A special afternoon tea to introduce Princess Pinkyness
to her Australian family was well catered for by
The Cook.  My old mum, especially enjoyed meeting
her youngest Great Granddaughter (one of 18) for the first time.

A footnote:
Don't forget tomorrow is WinterWednesday... an opportunity for you to celebrate the season with the things you enjoy....write a post and link it to mine. 


  1. Beautiful train photos Hazel. We did that trip as well a few years ago, loved it.

  2. The train thing reminds me of the "Watercress Line" railway, that is near us here in Hampshire. Very much the same sort of thing, and much enjoyed by foreign visitors (and their local hosts).

  3. What happy looking kids! I bet you had a great time Hazel!

  4. Loved that train through the Dandenongs! Loved it all, actually - I'd go back in a trice. Nice to see your photos too.

  5. It looks like you all had fun.

  6. Love all your photos, particularly the holding of hands one!
    Hopefully your American family will negotiate the chaos at Melbourne Airport caused by the volcanic ash. Perhaps they might be delayed in Melbourne!

  7. Great post Hazel and lovely photos. I particularly like the one of your Mum and PrincessP. They both look very regal!

  8. Lovely post and great pics :)
    I hear what you say about having visitors to really see your local attractions. We have some stunning places on our doorstep.

  9. Lovely photos Hazel! Glad you guys had a nice time!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful trip Haze :) Was being a tourist in Canberra last weekend, thoroughly enjoyed it.

  11. *HUGS* looks like it was a fabulous visit. Your turn to go over next...? :) Love the pics. I still feel like a tourist in my own city even though I've lived here most of my life! Still love it.

  12. I love those sculptures! I want some here.

  13. Enjoyed reading your post.Your little visitors must had a grand time with you. I would dearly like to ride on that train and what perfect excuse to say that my boys will have fun on them to Mr. Hubby.

  14. great the capture of the little one holding the hand of the sculpted commuter. thanks so much for taking us along on your excursion!

  15. The sculpture in the street are amazing. I love it.

  16. I'm not really a train person,but that one looks amazing!

  17. Hello Hazel, thanks for popping by my blog. I also want to save the planet! I will pop in again soon.

  18. Aw, I too especially love that photo of the littlie's hand in the statue.

    Yes, showing visitors around is always an fresh eye-opener for us too. You took them to great places... they must've been thrilled!

  19. I want to ride on that fabulous train!!!!!
    Beautiful photographs.


  20. Looking at things through a child's eyes is great fun. That train ride looks like great fun.


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