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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vera's vagina

Now before you get your knickers in a twist, let me explain.

I was checking for lice around Vera's vent 
and she smiled at me, so I took a photo. 
My camera is sort of grafted to my hand 
and it was blogger's reflex...I swear!

If you sort of squint, it looks like she has teeth. *chuckle*

Actually this post is a bit of an experiment.  
I have been watching my blog stats 
and I notice that an old post (Hazel hates herbicide
has had the most hits and following very close behind 
is the post I put up earlier this month with the title: 

It made me wonder if it is the title 
that somehow draws people who follow 
but only go past the title if it tweaks their interest, 
or perhaps prompts those casual browsers to take a better look.
Maybe it pings the search engines.
Anyway,  I decided to be a bit naughty with my title today 
to see what happens.  

The title is misleading anyhow.
Chickens don't have vaginas...
the multi purpose opening or vent 
is actually called the cloaca.  
 I love the way that word rolls off the tongue.

If you have a few minutes this video
about a cloaca is hysterical.

As I was examining Vera for lice, 
I noticed all the different feathers she has.
I know a few of you love your hen's fluffy bums.

When you spread these feathers 
the shafts are tufted all the way to the skin...
they look like those fat pipe cleaners.

 The flight feathers on their wings are just gorgeous 
and are supported by smaller feathers.

These are the feathers on Vera's back...
see how they are outlined and fringed on the edges?

The feathers on her neck have a denser centre and finer ends too.  
They are short near her head 
and longer the further down her neck you go.

Vera is one of my favourites.   
She has a lovely personality,
is friendly and placid and
is regularly laying little brown eggs.

If I am in the garden and feel a peck on my leg, 
I know it is Vera letting me know she is there.

I can't resist a girl 
with a beautiful smile.

(I must correct the mispost I made about the fox attack.  
I did say Vera had been whisked away 
but it was actually Charlotte...
Vera is clearly alive and well.)


  1. I wwould have clicked on the link regardless of the title but it did pique my interest! LOL

  2. Hazel, you are naughty....but I like

  3. I am sure the title interests people. Must say I was intrigued when I saw your title while eating my eggs and mushrooms on toast for breakfast - but wasn't sure I wanted to read it! And that photo nearly put me off my egg.

  4. Oh Hazel, you make me laugh....I thought for a minute we were going to have a poultry anatomy lesson. Beautiful photos but poor Vera, she's been exposed on the www!

  5. Vera's been violated! lol Loved this post and the pictures are just beautiful.

  6. Beautiful photography of the feathers Hazel. I'm sure your title post will ramp up the hits on your site. Let us know!

  7. I hope you asked Vera's permission before posting those photographs, you're not exploiting her are you.

  8. I am seriously impressed! My three chooks are obviously too "stuck up". I've had them for about 18 months and they still treat me with disdain. They only like me when I have their food in hand. If I turned up with a camera hah!
    Beautiful shots Hazel, I'm jealous.

  9. I thought we were going to see a munted vegetable. It's probably a good thing to show photos as many have no concept of a chook's vent.

  10. I came to say what Rose already did!! How does Vera like being a porn star??

  11. Hazel you wag! I know now you are seriously addicted to chooks and cameras!!!Why wouldn't you be? Beaut post!

  12. I am starting to wonder if your children were inspected, poked and prodded like you have Vera?? Beautiful photos by the way.

  13. Your stats with this post will be interesting. I wonder how many will be disappointed with finding a chook.
    Vera must be a wonderful quiet girl. The feather pics are fantastic. I've seen them up close before.

  14. Ha ha - just love it, and, it's just so you (the post I mean ;-)).
    Real glad Vera survived the fox attack too!

    Actually, the post title was what drew me straight away. I usually only blog during off-peak time - ours finishes at 12 noon. I had a quick scan of my sidebar and saw your post title - so just had to read THAT one before I shut down ;-)

  15. p.s. the closeups of the feathers are just gorgeous.

  16. What a star Vera is!! A thorough examination WITH pics, how very obliging of her.

    Title caughte my eye. Saw it once, saw it twice then couldn't resist, had to postpone the folding to see just exactly what you were on about. The pic on my snippet looked remarkably like a bearded werewolf face with luscious pink lips - the title and pic just didn't match up, lol!

  17. Great Title, better post, educational and beautiful photos. I had nop idea at the many varied types of featherson a single individual!

  18. Although I normally just lurk I have to admit the title made me look twice and really LOL.

    Such gorgeous pictures of those feather too. I love the way you've captured the light on them.

  19. Hazel, I keep coming back to read peoples comments....looollll

  20. As much as I love a fluffy butt, I've never been tempted to get that close and personal before! :o

  21. Hazel you are very cheeky. Poor Vera having her privates out there for everyone to see. You better hope her chicken friends don't take a leaf out of the goats book and sneek into your house and log on to the net. Vera would be so embarassed.

  22. At first I thought that Hazel had gone too far this time! I should have known it was just to draw attention to herself - typical!
    The feather photos asre just fantastic as is the turnip header. How did you use your turnips? HDW

  23. Definitely an eye catching title and photo and yes, I've certainly learnt something today. I'm sure it will make for interesting conversation around the dinner table.

    Could make a great question for a quiz night, "What's a chicken's vent called?". You could even have a pictorial question with "What's this a photo of?"

    Would love to know how many page views you get. :)

  24. Some Blogs I follow I check the title before reading, because some Blogs I follow don't always interest me. Your I read regardless because I know that, whatever the title, there will be a twist, good content and great photo's.
    Poor Vera, exposed for the world to see that her bottom looks like a Ginger bloke with a beard!
    Excellent feather pics though, and very informative, and entertaining :)

  25. What a fine feather photographer you are. Love the close-ups.

  26. Hazel, I reckon your Pageview stats will shoot up after this one! I'm currently very puzzled by the stats that Blogger is recording - for about 10 days now I have had (allegedly) a MUCH higher rate of pageviews, even though I have not been publishing any porn or anything... Maybe people just get excited about pictures of broccoli?

  27. Oh Hazel - do they know about your double life at the op shop and school? Your blue card is soooooo under review now :)

  28. I would have read it regardless, I always look forwards to your posts!
    But, I did click on your oxalis link, it's my pet-hate as well, and I think I'm going to have to resort to Roundup or similar, much as I hate the thought!

  29. Its so pink and fleshy! In year 9 biology we learnt all about the chicken and its reproductive parts. I forgot everything except the cloaca! What a word. We all called each other cloacas after that. I dont know why.

  30. Well...I haven't had many more hits to date...but I have had more comments. Thanks everyone. No one has obviously clicked on the YouTube link ... it is worth a look.

  31. Oh yes I am looking at it, but my computer is very slow and I am still waiting for it to buffer!

  32. SMILE!

    What a photogenic cloaca poor Vera has.

  33. This is my first visit and I'm glad I came regardless of the title.Beautiful photography

  34. I was wondering whether I should eat dinner first before opening your page today. I never miss your post. That is two nice fat turnips. Platypus has cloaca too although it is mammal.

  35. I've spent many years inspecting chicken vents for mites and lice. Your hen is in top shape, good job!

  36. Well, how about that. Page hits were down by two thirds from the day before! But as Mark commented, my stats have bee particularly high for the last couple of weeks. Has everyone had a surge in hits as well...maybe Blogger is playing tricks.

    So less hits, but more comments. This posts beat my previous most commented on post (when the fox got Brewster).

    However, the jury is still out because the extremely high stats on the post about herbicide were built up over a long period. Maybe this post will do the same.

    As I have no word verification on my comments I get the occasional is usually related to a post entitled, I will not forget, ....interesting.

    thanks for your comments...I always love them. I hope yesterday's post brightened your day.

    Love, H.

  37. My stats were much higher than usual since last week. I installed an invisible counter from statcounter and have discovered that blogger is way wrong.

  38. Heehee! You know I once painted my hens vents (ick!) to see which were laying? The eggs come out tainted with the paint (non toxic kids paint of course)...I love all your posts Hazel even when overseas I have to check your blog!

  39. Hazel in line with your experiment this post and the 'is your bum guilt free' post are two posts that refer a lot of hits to my blog according to google stats.


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