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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tales of eggs and witchery.

It wasn't that long ago that I was moaning about the dearth of eggs from the girls who seemed to be in perpetual moult or too young to produce.  Well now I have so many eggs I am having trouble using them all.

I have been using them to make pasta to freeze, 

... eating them scrambled

giving them away and baking.

But, dear friends, I am NOT complaining!

In fact...they have helped me to find my inner witch.
Which witch?
My inner Sponge Witch!

My mother and an older sisters have 'the knack'
but I have never had it.

Even with my mother standing over me,
giving advice and making approving
noises, my sponges haven't risen to acceptable standards.

Today's was a whole different matter.
Check this out!

Of course it could be the tins.

Which tins?

The witch's tins which I snaffled when
we were cleaning out The Witch's mum's house 
and the same tins which
I used today.

(Please note, I posted this when Ali was having a break...or she would have wanted one sent to her...without passionfruit icing, of course.)

Get ready for Wonderful Winter Wednesday...tomorrow....write about your favourite bits of Winter and link up.


  1. That is a really nice looking cake. Congratulations!...happy eating.

  2. All my eggs have turned me into a Pavlova Princess and my backside can attest to that as well. Luv ya pasta curtains. I've never made pasta so must give it a whirl one of these years.

  3. I'm in the same "predicament" as you are and posted about the same topic today! That sponge looks delicious! I am also worried about the size of my backside in trying to overcome the affluence of eggs!

  4. I am happy to step in for Ali and take on the burden of requesting such a cake. Hazel that looks so good I really think I could eat the whole thing.

  5. Magical cooking tins - I wish I had some of those.

  6. That is certainly an impressive cake - but no Passionfruit icing for me either please.
    Having the right "tools of the trade" certainly helps. Although it is obviously not the full story, it is certainly easier to do a good job if you have good-quality equipment. I bet your Mum's magic cake-tins didn't have any of this new-fangled non-stick mularkey, did they??

  7. Yum Hazel, can you make one when we come to stay? Pleeeeeeeeze.
    I think this sponge is better than the witches ever made! Just don't tell them I said so!
    I made a delicious pumpkin/onion/mushroom frittata from your girls' eggs - the texture and taste was fantastic! H

  8. Oh totally delicious looking!!

  9. I am expecting a cake when I visit next week. xx

  10. Oh Lordy Lord......will you have a look at the size of that spong-gee....CWA ladies, just try and beat that................

  11. The cake looks great!

    You can never have too many eggs!

    Martin :)

  12. That sponge is worthy of the Thursday cake day at the Quirindi Craft&Information centre ( local store selling local craft and information freely given to passing travelers), the little pixies (old ladies) would be Green with envy :o)
    Yummm cup of Tea please ??

  13. I know a lot of folks who don’t eat eggs (they’re allergic, for health reasons, or concerns about animal cruelty). Here’s an awesome site that gives tips on cooking and baking without eggs:

  14. That's a real accomplishment. My Mum was a champion sponge maker. She would measure their height. She gave up on teaching me when mine kept looking more like something you'd use to wash the car with.

  15. Hazel, you give me hope! We have 5 chooks and less than an egg a day at the moment.... We thought we may have reached "peak egg" but maybe not

  16. I think you have reached the pinnacle of sponge stardom. Just make sure you thank those chooks because I am sure their nice fresh eggs had something to do with your success. Too many fresh eggs,... I am SO jealous.

  17. Yum! I would love a taste of that sponge.

    I hope the magic number of 4 layers turns out to be the right one for balanced egg production to consumption.
    Glad you found a use for them!

  18. That's one intimidating looking cake Hazel. Sponge making is next on my list of things to conquer, having done bread and scones already. I'm not sure I have the courage now having seen your spectacular efforts. I am without magic tins or non-commercial eggs so I think I will be lucky to get more than a Frisbee. Oh and I LOVE passion fruit icing.


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