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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Winter Wednesday #5

I love food...
all sorts of food...
all year round.

Well,  you don't develop a caboose like mine
by being a picky eater.

But nothing 
beats the comfort, 
warmth and joy 
of hearty Winter food.

The cook from the local pub came
into the op shop last Friday.
She said that everyone is ordering
their home made rissoles and mash.
See...warm Winter comfort food.

Mmmm!  Porridge with fruit and honey 
or with a little home made fig jam stirred in.

Potatoes cooked in the wood stove,
crumpets oozing with butter.

Lamb shanks cooked in the slow cooker...
Oh hell...anything cooked in the slow cooker!

And soup...Thai Pumpkin soup, potato and leek,
lentil soup, and a good old vegetable and split pea
soup...just like Mum used to make.

Especially when served in huge
novelty cups.

Mustn't forget...
Golden syrup dumplings
with cream
or ice-cream
or cream AND ice-cream.

It is Winter and my body needs
fuel to keep warm.


  1. Hmm. That must be why I'm so much into warm baked custard for breakfast at the moment. My nana used to make it for us for dessert as kids and it feels like a nana hug!

  2. I did porridge today too Hazel..linking up with your Winter Wednesday...I like how you have a bit of crumpet with your butter, just like I do!!!

  3. Aaaaah you're making me hungry - and I'm trying to lose a couple of kilos over winter!

  4. Food must be what's keeping us all warm today i can't stop thinking about a roast!
    I linked it back to you hazel :)

  5. Those crumpets look divine...
    for my Winter Wednesday

  6. I love food too. Therefor I am twice the woman now than when I got married. hahahahahah

  7. Hello Hazel, I've linked to you :)

    (OMG Dumplings, must.make.dumplings.)

  8. I have similar thoughts about winter Hazel, this is my second food related Winter Wednesday,

    And thanks for the reminder about golden syrup dumplings, must make them soon.

  9. You're making me yearn for winter! Stoppit! haha! I really should be content with the odd day of sunshine that we Brits laughingly call Summer.
    But your 'rib-clinging' foods sound delicious :) Mo

  10. I love all that wintery food as well but I am focussing on some other things today. Feel free to take a look.

  11. You can't forget raisin toast...with a hot cup of chocolate. Glad to see you have your crumpets like me - dripping with butter.

  12. Mmmm comfort food. I made a leek and onion flan tonight, I just wanted something savoury with pastry! I joined in too this week, here's my post:

  13. Nothing beats the feeling of delicious, rich food that just dumps in your tummy and fills you up on a cold, winter's day (or night!), feeling content afterwards :)

  14. Oh dear, My post, your post, other posts ... no woder my jeans feel tight!

  15. I love winter comfort food. Always soooo good.

  16. I'm not playing Winter Wednesdays -simply because I am revelling in Summer! But I do share your views on Winter (aka "Comfort") food.

  17. Oh, Yum! This post almost made me wish it were winter here! :-) -Jean


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