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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Is your bum guilt free?

 Crapman wants you to make a stand when using the toilet.

(When this product was first introduced, my mother was horrified...
'Who would want to use toilet paper that had been used already!'
However, she quickly changed brands once she found out it
was made from recycled office paper...chuckle!)
Australia has the highest rate of extinction of mammals in the world,
and we have lost vast quantities of our native forests in the past
200 years.  

In a time of climate change, our trees...
whether they come from plantation or old growth forests...
are much better off in the ground than down our toilets.

If you use recycled toilet paper 

then your bum is guilt free.  
If you don't it's time you made the switch 
and your bum will feel much better.
In the flight show, a parrot unfurled this sign.

You can show your support for Crapman by visiting and friending his facebook page

Stop being a tree flusher 
and wipe for wildlife.


  1. That was such a crappy post Hazel...good on you...

  2. love this post *chuckle*, and it reminds me that when traveling recently, I came across a Kentucky brand (my state) of eco-toidy paper that I mean to learn more about. thanks for the reminder of the importance of using recycled paper toilet paper!!

  3. My bum is guilty as hell but it won't be any longer. Thanks Hazel.

  4. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    I am ashamed to say my butt is feeling rather guilty right about now, will work on doing something to rectify the problem though!

  5. And the next step is 'family cloth' of course!!

  6. Guilt free bum here! I even buy the one wrapped in brown paper, so I can reuse, ryctcle ot feed it to the worms.

  7. or you could really pump up the action and go now everyone don't freak out..cloth is well alot more comfortable ,anyways just putting it out there personally i don't give a crap LOLOL

  8. I suppose it should come as no surprise that although Crapman's outfit is predominantly green, he has brown pants...?

  9. This is a very clever campaign! Children are impressed by Crapman and can influence their "tree flushing parents and grandparents".

  10. My bum is guilt free and has been for many years.

  11. Guilt free butts in this household too.

  12. Guilt free too. I don't know whether I am laughing or coughing reading your post since I got the bug.

  13. Haha! I thought I was reading a blog from South Park! Funny name, worthy cause :)

  14. Wow, gotta love the slogan 'wipe for wildlife'! The comments above made me giggle!

  15. Its a great campaign isn't it!
    Did you like the bridges at Healesville? I designed them!

  16. Hazel, my butt is not only guilt free, it's quite simply fabulous :D

  17. My bum is guilt free !!! and proud of it :o)well I'm not proud of my bum exactly, quite the opposite it is a tad large, but I am proud that it uses recycled loo roll, ha ha :o)


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