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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Plotting and planning

Do you plan projects for weeks or months in your head like I do?
Mum says my dad was the same.

Well, remember that area outside the sun room window that I said was up for a revamp?
I have been pacing it out, looking at it from different angles, and making sketches.

The sketches are more for the Cook than me 
because she isn't good at picturing things from a description. 
That's actually a nice way of saying she has no imagination...
but it doesn't matter because she can cook well...
oh and she can wield a chain saw.

I now have a rough plan and have convinced the Cook that it is a good idea.

Before I tell you though, here is are some clues

I will post my drawings tomorrow...
but can you guess what 
we plan to build/create 
outside that window?


  1. Are you going to glue a whole bunch of kitchen bits together to make a sculpture? And then are you going to fill the bits up with dirt and grow herbs in them? Oooooh I hope so. I think that'd be a good thing to look out at from the kitchen fact maybe I'll do that to mine. I'm definitely a planner like you Hazel.

  2. I'm thinking a kitchen planter sculpture. I LOVE your banner leaf!! Spotted a white Camellia flowering recently and will blog it soon. :)

  3. I think you are going to make a stove out of bricks etc...and pop your vintage utensils and kettles etc on it like an outdoor garden kitchen scene...with old chair and table will be planted out with herbs for the 'cook'...
    Am I close?????
    I think you are going to be scouring the old wares shops for more saucepans and things???? maybe an old dustpan and broom...

  4. I think an outdoor kitchen,but that could be cause I have the one we are working on(slowly)on my mind..

  5. An outdoor sink and counter to wash vegetables. And you'll use that second thing to slap the goats off it.

  6. a water feature? made of recycled stuff would be fantastic! Cant wait to see!

  7. I think you are going to bop someone on the head with one of those kitchen items and then dig a big hole, pop the murder weapon in and cover up the crime with an autumn planting.

    Am I right? Am I, am I, am I???

    I too like to plan ahead. Around 30 seconds ahead. It makes for a wonderfully spontaneous life :D

  8. You could make a good Banging Wall with those you know! Look forward to seeing your plans.

  9. Usually something is almost ticked of the list of projects when another brilliant idea pops up which is essential for a complete life! Where will it end?

  10. At first i thought water feature
    then maybe a herb sculpture after that I thought both why not.
    Ali are you thinking of that neighbour of yours?
    Hazel the hitwoman

  11. The clues suggest something with lots of holes in it. Could it be a trellis for an "arbour" in which you will be able to sit and drink tea made with water from your kettle?
    But then: kettle = water; fish-slice = fish; inverted colander = wire protection over the top of A FISH POND?

  12. I love your ideas. Heather is sort of right...I do have a plan, but I am also rifling through your heads for new ideas...and I am certainly going to follow through with a couple. :-)

    Except, i won't be killing anyone Miss Ali!

  13. I think you are moving the cook and all her utensils outside and that you are going to fill the kitchen with weeing goats. :)

  14. I have no idea! But I'm sure tis going to be fab and totally Hazel!

    I made a career out of drawing plans but I'm not so good at doing it for my place!

  15. Isn't procrastination another word for planning?

  16. A ying yang area... where complementary opposites meet for respite, sitting, eating, relaxing, chewing the cud, etc.


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