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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Puberty Blues

Now the six chickens we raised are about a week younger than Veggigobbler's chooks.
 They are getting to that tricky know *whispering*  puberty.
I thought I had better explain a few things to them. 

At first they were all ears and keen to hear what I had to say. 

When I got to the bit about Brewster and s.e.x. they couldn't even look me in the eye.

Poor Vera was clearly shocked by what she was hearing.

That's gonna come out of where? Your kidding!

Now don't get eggcited...that's a plastic egg in the nest 
to help the girls to know what to do, when the time comes.  

The time had better come soon!  
I had to buy eggs today!


  1. I am sick of buying eggs, I cant wait until Valmai and Mavis learn all about laying eggs....although Flo is going to be no good as a teacher....I do hope you get some soon girls are around 21 weeks it shouldnt be long...

  2. He he he, you make me laugh, or you chickens do, yes it will be a shock when that first egg arrives.
    We have been spoilt with 3-5 eggs a day for the last 6 months and our ladies are slowing down in the egg dept but whe have some up and comers who should come into lay soon to take the older ladies places and give them a break.

  3. You are a very funny chick!

    Good luck, hope they start popping some out soon!

  4. Ha! I love Vera's shocked look. I'm pretty sure only one of my five is laying. It's Puff or Fluff (one of the white ones) we think. Eldest Monkey Boy caught her in the act and tried to get a closer look. Naturally she gave him a sharp peck. No-one wants to be disturbed doing their business. I've read they usually start laying at about 6 months and then they slow down over winter don't they? My boys and I are fighting over our daily egg.

  5. A very amusing post Hazel! you have very accurately captioned the expressions on their faces. And I'm sure you left them in no doubt that their Mission in Life to to produce loads of eggs.

  6. If I were a chicken and you had explained all that to me, I'd be clamping up and having nothing at all to do with that egg laying business.

    I think you may have damaged poor Vera for life.

  7. Brilliant post and great photo's too, your poor girls! But what a wonderful Mummy you are, at least they know what's coming :) Mo

  8. Oh you are too funny! hehe loved the running commentary with the photos.
    Hopefully you get some eggs soon!

  9. You are a funny old chook Hazel - you and your girls really made me chuckle today.

  10. Oh don't you hate buying eggs when you have your own chooks.
    Fingers crossed for eggs ASAP.
    One of our three chicks hatched last December was female. So will we get eggs soon, I hope so but then during Winter they slow down laying due to the cold, so we shall wait patiently and see.

  11. Hmm I think they were scared by the size of that egg, I would be too!

  12. The plastic egg look very real. Vera Might be hesistant to lay eggs looking at the size of it.

  13. So the first eggs are coming soon! I suppose it could be a little frightening from the chicken perspective. I understand that they sometimes gather in a huddle when the first one is about to come.

  14. I love the expressions on their faces! Well done for capturing them!

    I know exactly how you feel regards the egg wait, fingers crossed for you!


  15. LOL.. Oh my goodness Hazel, this is such a hilarious post... poor Vera - she's going to need some serious counselling after that traumatic revelation!


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