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I ran away from teaching to the country to grow veggies. There are also some chooks and a pair of troublesome goats who were so much trouble they had to go! My simple green life isn't always as simple or as green as I'd like...but I keep trying!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Garden Panes

View of the potager from the kitchen window.  
The vintage garden setting has been retrieved from my mum's place and now adds
a colourful focal point.

The least pleasant outlook at present is from the lounge to the side fence.  
It really is a lovely view if you look past the garden and over to the trees and the ridge...but our side of the fence lets it down...big time.

By next summer where there is grass, there will be a circular, brick edged, gravel outdoor seating area , with some sort of grape growing structure around/over it.  
To the right there will be another garden - perhaps incorporating some annuals for seasonal interest.

Here is another view from the lounge but out to the front garden.
There is a dead daphne just outside the window which needs to be pulled.
One day there will be a garden pond just in front of those grey plants in the left-hand window.

Also towards the front (note the same silver birch and camelia as in the last photo) 
but this time from the sewing room next to the lounge.  This photo does not do justice to what is a lovely garden outlook.

View of the potager from the bathroom window.  
As I mentioned above, beyond the property on this side is a high ridge.  
I was weeding the potager yesterday and could hear the wind in the trees on top of the ridge,
 but it was peaceful and still down in the valley.

And finally an arty farty mirror shot of the bathroom window.

I have really put these up as a record of how the garden is today.  
Hopefully, in a future post,  I will be able to point out the changes.  
This may also encourage force me to stop planning that outdoor area off the lounge 
and actually do something about it!


  1. Love your slatted chairs, what a great coloured set..with the table as well.!
    Gardens are always a work in progress...thats why it is such a great past time....
    And how is that goat up there in the sea of grass...what healthy tummies they must have...
    Thanks for the peek around your place, must do my tour , I keep forgetting....

  2. Onya Hazel.Love the chairs!

  3. Looks great Hazel! So lush and green! Must be lovely to feel so connected to the garden from inside. And oooh! I love the potential of your outdoor seating area with trellis for the grapes! Sounds exciting!!!

  4. Great garden photos Hazel. The tomatoes on the windowsill brings back childhood memories! Bubba is so cute.

  5. You have great views from your windows. I was glad to get a glimpse of your potage, after you mentioned it in your last comment. I'm borrowing a few ideas from potage gardening for my front yard.

  6. I love all those beautiful trees on the ridge. Great views. It's wonderful when you have plans for the garden.

  7. Nice arty farty photo. Would be even better if it had the coloured chair in it.

  8. Love all your garden views and window sills. I too will do some work on my garden this weekend...most likely carting mulch from the big pile left behind from the tree trimmers on Monday, from the front to the back.

  9. Those crazy chairs look like the life and soul of the garden party!

  10. Beautiful place looks so inviting and peaceful. Love that vintage setting!

  11. I love all the views from your and may I say very clean windows. It looks like you live in a forest so green and the chair set wow

  12. All gardeners enjoy a challenge Hazel! I'm sure you will soon knock your place into shape. One of the things I like least about my own garden is that is is finished - it looks the way I wanted it to to look, so what do I do with it now???
    I often wish I had a place with a long view. I'm a Wide Open Spaces person at heart.

  13. Wow, I love your view from the bathroom window.. actually all your views look pretty good. Lucky you!


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