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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


There is something about me that you may not know.  
I have the gift of foresight and can often predict what is about to happen.

Ooooo!  I can feel a vision coming on now....

*eyes closed, swaying in chair, fingers on temples, moaning*

I can see something, 

Yes, it is becoming clearer,

It is about the Cook,

and a cloud of steamy heat,

Yes, yes

She is making

Green Tomato Relish.

Now we will have to wait to see 
if my prediction is correct!


  1. Oh Hazel, I picked green tomatoes yesterday too....but in the hope that they will ripen inside....I am I dont know how to make green tomatoe 'anything'....

  2. Yumm, green tomato relish...or maybe fried green tomatoes!

  3. You will have to share the verdict!
    Tino on Gardeninging Australia said that if you pull out the plant with the fruit attached and hang it upside down in the garden or in a shed and they will ripen...

  4. I hope your right, it sounds interesting, My girls are always picking my tomatoes well before ripening day, this maybe just what we need.

  5. Does the Cook read your blog, I wonder? If so, might she have a similar premonition...?
    Not many fruit / veg are nice before they are ripe, but tomatoes are an exception. I find that green tomatoes ripen quite well (though slowly) indoors.

  6. Your premonition was spot on - in the far south! I have just made up 5 jars of green tomato pickle this morning. To go with the other five jars that I made last month.
    There's also been tomato chutney, relish, dried, frozen and just as they are. I think I may have gone a bit overboard with the tomato seeds this year, sigh. And I'm still collecting red ones from the growhouse...
    Enjoy the pickle. My recipe says that I have to wait one whole month before tasting - we'll see.


  7. Dear Hazel, does this mean I can pick the tomatoes before they ripen? (they just seeded themselves, and they look like yours in the photo).

    Interesting, ironic post below this one. Seems it's hard to totally get away from consumerism, I guess life needs some comprimise sometimes.

    Cheers, catmint

  8. I will post the recipe for green tomato pickle when The Cook springs into action. Some of those tomatoes have ripened even overnight.

    Catmint, did you see Phoebe's comment about pulling out the whole tomato plant and hanging it upside could try that. Any that have any colour at all will ripen on a window sill...otherwise, stay tuned for the recipe.

  9. So how did it go? Did you get a green tomato relish?? :)

  10. My Mums green tomato pickle is legendary blows the roof of your mouth off.

  11. I'd love to make green pickle relish but must confess I dumped mine all in the compost!!! Maybe next year!


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