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Monday, May 9, 2011

A certain multi-national company 
who shall forever remain nameless on this blog 
due to their activities in the third world (think baby formula) 
have donated $25 000 to the local primary school 
for a propagation unit.  

The unit has been built by volunteers 
and the children and other community members 
will begin using it shortly.  

There is also a community garden being developed (separate to this) 
in the area and I think the organisers are hoping 
to snare the members of the Over 55 club to work in both.

Shade house

Native plants as well as vegetables and flowers 
will be propagated.  Some of these will be sold, others planted out 
by the children in conjunction with Landcare 
and some will end up in the community garden. 

Pete showing the kids some sedge and some eucalypt seeds.

The company is very keen to have coverage of their generosity 
and are coming out today for the media photos.  
At least the community has another wonderful facility.
I wonder how long before I get hooked in?


  1. What wonderful news and if it encourages education in this area so much the better just a crying shame it's by the "Big Bad"

  2. Looks fantastic - think I am too old to go to school now but I would definitely want to potter in that place.

  3. That looks fantastic...what a great learning facility that will be for the children...there needs to be so much more of this in schools...I know computers are great too, but hands in dirt watching and learning how things grow is just as important....( I think more, but that is just my opinion)..

  4. Enchanted Moments my opinion too.

    I real like the metal tables. I wonder where I could get those from and how much?

  5. whoa,now thats a set up..The Children will love it and I'm betting you will too Hazel

  6. Sounds initially like a nice philanthropic gesture, but what is the true motive? Is there a marketing / advertising /conscience-clearing agenda here, do you think? $25000 sounds like a big sum to us, but to a global organisation such as the one in question, it's a drop in the ocean. Am I being too cynical?? Anyway, the main point is that the kids will get to learn more about plants, and that has to be a good thing.

  7. A bit mysterious your nameless post :)

    I think it won't be long before you get involved :)

  8. Looks good - great for the kids (and can imagine a lot of oldies getting involved too)


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