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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cornering Roosters

Before we begin....this post has nothing to do with roosters in little red sports cars, driving dangerously on windy roads.

Remember this post when I asked about roosters and egg laying?  

None of you could give me an answer...and a couple of you unkindly wrote that you thought I had too much time on my hands...which is like saying, 'You're crazy, Hazel",  in a voice like Muriel's sister.

Well, if you want a question answered ask someone who knows.  
Check out this link to find out all sorts of interesting things about very saucy chook behaviour.  
It is fascinating and you will find out lots of stuff you may not know.  


Why do roosters lie?

Why do hens prefer roosters with big wattles ? 

Do hens two-time their Main Man? 

How does a lesser male get some lovin?

The behaviour Brewster exhibited, and that I described in the earlier post, was not featured on the video.
So I sent an email off to K-Lynn, one of the researchers 
at the Animal Behaviour Lab at Macquarie Uni.

When Brewster was sitting under bushes 
and calling the girls he was 'cornering':

K-Lynn wrote:

Males identify good nest sites and then crouch down and stamp their feet, shaking their head, clucking, inviting the female to inspect the site.

So it is true, Brewster was a real S.N.A.G.!

I will definitely have to look into getting the girls another rooster.  
Life in the coop is just so dull with out one.

In line with my philosophy of not letting anything go to waste, 
Brewster has been repurposed. 

He is now fertilizer underneath the fig tree I planted on top of him.


  1. Before retirement, our rooster Duncan would that for the girls. I just never knew it was called cornering!

    Poor Brewster, but excellent use of blood, bone and feather.

    I would give you one of my roosters, but they are all pretty useless at roostering. I still don´t have a top rooster.

  2. Sounds fascinating. I would love some chooks, but can't convince the husband. So sorry to hear your sad chookie news :(

  3. I once had a rooster...and that didn't go so well. He is also now fertilizer under the ground.

  4. Goodness he was one handsome rooster, just look at him....I like to plant a tree or shrub on the deceased least you know where they are and you wont dig them up! Gross, I know, but sometimes a fact of life.....he will make sensational looking figs....I hope you can get some more feathered friends very soon Hazel.x

  5. Bummer....he was an attractive rooster. RIP Brewster

  6. It is amazing what you can find on the internet

  7. Tanya, i still have hens...just a couple less. There are 9 big girls and three bantams left. And the young girls are producing little eggs regularly...we have had a dozen now.

  8. I love that first photo, he really was giving you the eye.
    We have had a few chickens got to chicken heaven and they are also now feeding the soil and plants. Love the link to the website.

  9. Brewster was one attractive corner-er. Very interesting stuff on animal behaviour. Hmm.

  10. Crikey, I must have missed the passing of poor old Brewster while I was away on holiday! My sympathy to you and "his girls". He will be a hard act to follow.
    Just looked back at your earlier posts and seen that Brewster's demise seems to have been caused by a fox. As you know, foxes are my No.1 enemy, and I despise them even more now.

  11. That catalyst episode was great! I'll have to have another look to understand my girls a little better.

    May Brewster forever bless your garden.

  12. Until you have chickens you never know how rich their behaviours can be. I have read some stories about roosters that have put tears in my eyes due to the connection I felt as a man.


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