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Monday, May 23, 2011

Great pumpkin challenge - recipe #5

Recipe #5 - P-p-pumpkin on P-p-pizza

Dice and roast pumpkin before adding to your pizza...and then add whatever other toppings you fancy.

Tonight's version had tomato paste, pumpkin, pancetta (well, bacon really but it doesn't start with p), pinenuts, Philedelphia Cheese (cream cheese, cubed) and parsley thyme.

I feel like I am doing a segment for Sesame Street:

This idea for pumpkin is brought to you 
by the Letter P
and the colour purple orange.


  1. And the number 5....I am doing the letter of the day 'T' tomato and 'g' for green.....and my whole house smells like vinegar....nice pizza...x

  2. Here's a good one....

    Keep'em coming!

  3. I have a lot of pumpkins planted so I need to be prepared to eat them all! Nice idea for the pizza.

  4. My kitchen worked under the letter 'L' this weekend: It was Leeks and Lentils galore! Yum!
    Your pizza looks fantastic, by the way - I might have to try it, minus the bacon, of course. ;)

  5. You are so clever Hazel! Looks yummy!
    Tell me why didn't I plant pumpkins this year?

  6. Hazel that looks "P" for perfect!

  7. Cute segment for the day. Cookie monster might change his favourite to pumpkin pizza.

  8. Sounds yummy. My favorite pumpkin pizza has pine nuts, honey, fetta and rocket afterwards, it's so good.

  9. That pizza looks absolutely delish Hazel.

    We've never had much success growing pumpkins unfortunately, but I bought some today as it was on sale and am looking for some yummy recipes, so thanks for the idea.

    Claire :}

  10. I love it and the colour of the day Princeton orange. Love this challange.

  11. Sesame Street! Is it still going? When my kids were small they were avid followers. I can still recite the words of "Today is Big Bird's Birthday"!
    I like the sound of pumpkin pizza - but it may not catch on in the same way as Quattro Formaggio and Margherita. I did once have a Brussels Sprout pizza, and it was surprisingly nice. The sprouts were separated in to individual leaves.

  12. Sesame Street brought up some of my generation. It rocks.
    Pumpkin Pizza looks yum!

  13. Looks real nice too. Just the thing for these cool evenings.
    Like your banner pic :D)


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