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Monday, May 30, 2011

Cate Blanchett..too rich to care?

I thought I would sit down and whip off a quick but informative piece about climate change and the proposed tax on carbon in Australia which is all over our news at the present time. 
But as I read a few news sites for more background, quotes and links I just got plain old fashioned furious.
Cate Blanchett is featured in an ad campaign in Australia  in support of the proposed tax on carbon.   
The conservative politicians and the press have come out with all sorts of nasty jibes that basically boil down to, 'Miss Blanchett is just a rich airhead, what would she know?'
Talk about shooting the messenger...and here I was thinking that money talked.

I have a dream....
In it politicians, big business, miners and citizens (including rich actresses) all agree that the planet is in trouble, that climate change is real, and the changes required to make a real difference will probably hurt us all...and that the alternative just doesn't even bear thinking about.

I do not necessarily think the carbon tax is the cure all for climate change...but it is a beginning. 
Don't just stand there, 
grandstanding and worrying 
about your electoral future pollies
....lead the way!!


  1. Hear! Hear! Well said Hazel.

  2. I think its great that anyone cares - from those with money to those without. She is an awesome role model - check out her actions right after having a baby - trying to help move Australia forward in one of those think bubbles.
    I don't know if the carbon tax is right but surely awareness is key and doing something is better than nothing - start somewhere rather than all this talk about whats the answer - just do something - its probably the thinkers and not the doers that are so up in arms about Cate actually trying to get something started.

    Every polly should start producing their own veg - just in a pot would do - start somewhere.

  3. I do agree with Elsie, that awareness is key. Keep us posted on how the carbon tax vote goes. I find this quite interesting and can't really imagine this happening in America.

  4. Your wish is the same as mine. Keep us posted as to whether or not the tax passes. Sometimes people need to be reminded to be aware and generally the pocket-book is what gets their attention.

  5. It is a beginning and even though I haven't seen the articles, any publicity is good publicity in my opinion as it gets people talking about climate change and thinking about ways to take action.

  6. I agree.
    For those who can there are Day of Action rallies around the country this Sunday (World Environment Day). Follow link for details.

  7. Well I am going to stick my neck out and disagree I'm sorry. You admit that it is not going to fix the problem but you are willing to back a scheme that is designed by economists to fill the pockets of the wealthy.
    While the attention has been on poor Ms Blanchett whom I admire in her field but not for her thoughts on carbon tax it has been overlooked who some of the sponsors are of this campaign. If you dig a little you will find that the youth coalition for climate change is a front for about 20 other youth groups most with ties to the labour party and receiving funding from them.
    But worse still are the instigators of the climate institute who are millionaires and one of which is Rupert Murdoch's niece.
    And Malcolm Turnbull is running the oppostion from the side bench at this crucial time by rebelling against the party's stand. Of course he wants the tax he has investments in companies that will issue carbon credits.
    And you can be sure there's more like him in the conservative side as well.
    It seems like there's more interest in the money of carbon trading by all parties in favour of the emmissions schemes than truly cleaning up the planet.
    CO2 emmssions are a portion of the problem anyway. What about the practice of fracking for gas that is poisoning or depleting water supplies.
    How about towns that are shut down to dig a big hole where they once stood for the very thing creating the co2 problem.
    How many mining sites have ever really been fully rehabilitated?
    Why encourage population growth when that is what is killing the planet?
    Why are we depleting oil reserves at ever increasing rates for the sake of having out of season fruit and veges.
    Anyway I'm sorry for what is a critical post. I understand you want to see the planet saved from destruction but it is going to take a lot of effort to stop the cause being hijacked by those who's interest is money and not nature.
    Loved the Autumn colours.

  8. Everyone is free to give their support or voice to any cause regardless of wealth, lack of, status, sex, race, anything.

    Action on climate change must start somewhere and posturing about it isn't helping anyone. I'm happy to pay a carbon tax. Think the big polluters definitely need to pay their share though.

    Great post lovely Hazel.

  9. gullygunyah...thankyou for your thoughtful comment. You are is a complex issue and different interest groups and individuals are too busy pushing their own agenda. As I said in the post, my dream is for good leadership and an end to people, organisations, businesses, politicians all trying to protect their own interests and profits. It isn't that I agree with Cate Blanchett...I just don't think they should waste time attacking her...I want to hear good and thoughtful arguments about what should happen, not vitriol.

  10. Bad move, bad choice and avoiding what really could help, cutting emissions by factories and businesses and taxing mining.It's all window dressing.


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